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the last sandwich in the world!

If you had to eat one sandwich for the rest of your life, nothing else, with no modifications EVER, what would it be?

Mine, PB and Honey.

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  1. Baked baloney on toasted white bread with mustard.

        1. Any one of the following would probably be acceptable:

          Turkey & Swiss, with mayo, on wheat.

          Pastrami and spicy brown mustard on rye.


          Egg & Cheese.

          1. Grilled cheese, sharp cheddar on sturdy white bread, grilled with butter.

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              Hey that's mine! But with west coast sourdough.....

            2. BLT on toasted rye with wasabi mayo

              1. ooh, i may have to change my cuban to a smoked turkey club with avocado, using arugula instead of iceberg, on sesame semolina bread.

                1. pb Lyles Golden syrup on Kathys grandmas homemade white bread

                  1. A Bake & Shark from Richard's B&S...with only the condiments provided at his beach-side shack. That'll do...yeah...that'll do just fine...

                    1. BLT with avocado and sprouts (alfalfa or others).

                      1. Muffaletta.

                        PB & J would be a close second choice.


                        1. add some bacon to that PB and honey and you got a winner........see you on the island! (make sure we got pigs, bees and peanuts!)

                            1. Probably a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato).

                              With good crisp bacon, ripe tomatoes and BF mayo, on lightly toasted sourdough.

                              Now I want one for lunch, instead of the soup I've got with me!

                              1. Nicely grilled chicken breast on a pretzel bun, with peppered thick cut bacon, and honey mustard. Oh and some kind of cheese on it... maybe a melty provolone or something like that.

                                1. I suppose one would be a torta will grilled eggplant, kaki furai and Oaxaca cheese. It does't make any sense, but I can't choose between a (Hiroshima) oyster po'boy and a standard issue torta.

                                  Hmm, then again, I could have half of it be eggplant with the cheese and refried beans, and the other half be oyster'd up with a gossamer-thin layer of tartar sauce.

                                  How about on the side? Curtido, one full-sour and salt & vinegar potato chips.


                                  1. A toasted bialy with fresh goat cheese and sliced honeycomb.

                                    1. My wife says hers would be a Fluffernutter (PB and marshmallow fluff, for the uninitiated) and mine would a double grilled cheese (two slices of cheese).

                                      1. There are many foods that I could happily eat day after day but somehow a sandwich isn't one of them.

                                        If forced to choose most likely it would be black forest ham/egg/cheese/avocado on a toasted english muffin. Oh and I would eat it for breakfast.

                                        1. I have a few possibilities, but upon further reflection if I had to eat one sandwich without modification for the rest of my life I would slowly starve to death. No way can I eat exactly the same thing 3x a day, day after day. I'd rather starve.

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                                            I don't know if I'd rather starve, but I sure would be bored. I go by the baseball rule...three strikes (or servings) and yer out.

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                                              if it is between starving and eating my sandwich, i'm goin' with the sandwich.

                                            2. A Pittsburgh hoagie from Dan's on Saw Mill Run near South Park.

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                                                I asked Mrs. Sippi which sandwich she'd pick and it was the Open Face Roast Beef at Nadine's in the Flats.
                                                It's a great choice.


                                              2. Italian Hoagie, hands down

                                                1. Porchetta on good toasted grilled bread with broccoli rabe and maybe a slice of provolone.

                                                  1. If I were to have only one sandwich for the rest of my life, it would need to be a pretty big sandwich.

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                                                    1. After thinking for a while, if it were to be just one sandwich forever, I wouldn't want it to be one of my very favorites because those flavors would get cloying pretty quickly - bacon, liverwurst, even egg salad and anything grilled. I'd pick what I usually default to: ham, cheese, lettuce, pickle, butter, mustard and mayonnaise on sourdough. Not even fancy ham, either; something from Hormel or Oscar Mayer would do fine.

                                                      Since such a situation is highly unlikely, however, I'm grateful for the choices we do have, though I've noticed how those have narrowed considerably since I was a pup. And that gives me a topic for a new thread …

                                                      1. BORING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                                                        I'd probably choose a Turkey, Center Cut Tongue and Chopped Liver on Seeded Rye with cole slaw on it.
                                                        I eat my sandwiches open with a fork, so with a combination I could decide to skip a particular filling on any give day.

                                                        That said, Mrs. B eats the same sandwich for lunch Sun-Fri, Grilled chicken breast on a seeded hard roll with green leaf lettuce, sliced tomato and honey mustard. I couldn't do it, becuse it's bothboring and I hate raw tomato and am allergic to mustard. But since starting this regimen 18 months ago she's lost more than 100 lbs

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                                                          100 pounds in 18 months. wow. congratulations to your wife!

                                                          1. re: bagelman01

                                                            Nice job, Mrs. B!

                                                            She should be very proud.

                                                          2. When I was 9, my parents took me on a tour of Florida and other places for a month. Supposedly I existed on Burgers for most of the lunches and dinners, although I do remember swordfish at Patricia Murphy's in FTL.and those heavenly popovers.....

                                                            Even today, a well made burger could probably do the trick.although most likely shorten my time to enjoy it

                                                            1. If burgers are a sandwich, then I suppose a bacon cheeseburger would be my go to sandwich.

                                                              1. this required a lot of thought. especially the 'no modifications' part, which i assume means you also have to eat it as served. i.e.: no removing the pickles or bacon from the bacon cheeseburger, etc.

                                                                while I love hamburgers I have tried living on them exclusively, and after 5 or 6 days they became overwhelming.

                                                                I think i would choose a classic clubhouse (bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo) on a hearty whole wheat toast, but add a layer of deli ham. Unlike many of you, no avocado please, it's a food I keep trying to like but never manage to. So a combination Clubhouse and Manhattan sandwich. That way I could focus my attention on different flavors on different days. But the ingredients had better be exceptional. No cardboard tomatoes or wilted lettuce or dry turkey or processed ham-like foodstuff, store-brand mayo, or second rate bacon. And the bread had better be fresh baked and lightly toasted.
                                                                I want a fifty-dollar clubhouse sandwich.

                                                                I'm so glad I don't have to choose though.

                                                                1. How is the answer to this not BLT's, with a late August garden tomato, every time?

                                                                  1. My first thought was that I'd want my favorite sandwich from the Corner Cafe downtown. It's called the Jellyfish, and it's their homemade fococcia with chicken, bacon, Monterey jack and cream cheese and grilled onions. Absolutely divine.

                                                                    But on second thought...part of the charm of the Jellyfish is that I don't make it at home, so it's a treat whenever I have it.

                                                                    So, my answer is my go-to rye bread, yellow mustard, American cheese and tortilla chip sandwich that I take to work for lunch, or fix at home when I'm having lunch alone. I could eat that every day and it would take an awfully long time for me to get tired of it.

                                                                    1. My most recent love in a sandwich would be a chicken salad sandwich on white bread with just tomato since lettuce hates me from a place called Lockwood Ridge Diner.

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                                                                        just tell lettuce to shape up because of its bad attitude, and vacate lockwood ridge diner forthwith. perhaps lettuce protective services could find it another foster home. ;)

                                                                        1. re: alkapal

                                                                          A foster home would do. That way it can still be loved after leaving the diner.

                                                                      2. A patty melt from a hole in the wall diner.

                                                                        1. A smoked meat, medium, from Reuben's Deli right here in Montreal.

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                                                                            Not such a sandwich fuend, prefer crackers or corn/rice cakes. But if I had to choose a 'real' sandwich on bread, I think I'd go with soft white bread with Philly whipped cream cheese and sliced, just cooked, hard boiled eggs smashed onto the cream cheese. I concocted it years ago and love it. Throw in a good half sour pickle on the side or some tomatoes and cucumbers, and I'm set for life.

                                                                          2. Rare roast beef on white toast with mayonnaise, tomato, salt & peppper.

                                                                            1. Sourdough, toasted, with thin schmear of mayo, then liverwurst, and thinly sliced spicy dill pickes..

                                                                              1. Deliciously sharp provolone and sliced tomato (with freshly ground black pepper) on either rye or pumpernickel/rye marble bread. Very simple but never-ending-ly good (yeah I just made up the word never-ending-ly)

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