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Nov 19, 2013 08:31 PM

Good food around Pearson airport?

This hasn't been discussed for a while so I thought I'd ask fellow Chowers if there have been any improvements in the dining options around the airport. Where would you go for good Indian food that wouldn't be an hugely expensive (+$20) taxi ride? Or Chinese food that isn't all fat/sugar/mechanically separated meat?

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  1. For Chinese, hands down 'The Grand' inside the Doubletree.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks Charles, I've heard from a Chinese friend that Dim Sum there is great, but how about dinner?

      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        Pretty high standard! Comparable to some of Richmond Hill and Markham's top restaurants like Spring Villa, Yang's, Emperor...etc.
        Attached a few dinner dishes I had there :

        - Fried honey glazed jumbo oysters
        - Pork Chop in Chinese Chinkiang vinegar
        - Poached 'Empress' Free range chicken
        - Pseudo-vegetarian dish of creamy milk and
        egg white custard on Yuba-skin
        - Dried scallops and Enoki mushrooms on pea
        - Fried glutinous rice with diced Chinese
        wind dried preserved meat and sausages.

      2. re: Charles Yu

        Thank you, Charles. Your recommendation resulted in a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner for me and my parents, who found themselves staying at a hotel nearby because there was no power in their home as a result of the ice storm. I had horrible visions of having to take two Asian seniors to some loud chain restaurant serving bland food, until I luckily came across your post.

        The Grand made my parents extremely happy. Not surprised, though. I figured that if it's good enough for a connoisseur like Mr. Yu, it would be good enough to cheer up my parents who were headed for a miserable Christmas Eve.

        Thanks again, Charles. Happy Holidays, good sir!

      3. there's a strip mall on the NE corner (if that makes sense, since the road's at an angle) of Airport and Derry. i want to say that it's called Maxiel place. you get there by driving on Derry towards Airport road (towards the airport) and turning right just before the intersection.
        there's a hakaa restaurant there whose name i don't know. i've been eating there since 2003. for what it is, it is great. slightly greasy. lunch specials are great. hot and sour soup is surprisingly really good (strange consistency, though). their Pad Thai is really tasty. has a burnt, sesame flavour.

        here's a map of the intersection.

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        1. re: atomeyes

          reviving an old thread
          Is this Thai place still open
          Maxiel not coming up in a search

          failing that, what is the closest good Thai restaurant

          1. re: atomeyes

            are you referring to Golden Asian on Rexdale Rd between Kipling and Martingrove? The Dry Chili Chicken is my favorite dish but they're ALL good imo. Best lunch deal in the area forsure.

          2. When I'm near the airport, and don't want anything fancy, I like to go to kwality sweets for their veg thali. Clean, modern designed place. Good food.

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            1. re: szw

              It wouldn't qualify as fine dining but Sweet India has some of the best samosas going. Some of their other dishes look pretty fantastic too.

              I had an American foodie client who swore the veal chop at the Four Points Sheraton restaurant was the best he ever had.

              1. re: szw

                Lone Star is also good when you don't want anything too fancy.