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Nov 19, 2013 06:50 PM

FODMAP free Thanksgiving ideas

On a FODMAP free diet and am looking for ideas for recipes that don't include any of the forbidden foods, including gluten, dairy, onions, garlic, mushrooms.....the list continues!

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  1. You will probably have to play around with substitutions. I was on the FODMAP diet for a while and actually was surprised at how non-restrictive it felt compared to other diets. Although I was eating some gluten.

    As to thanksgiving foods in particular, you can still eat turkey. You can replace garlic and onions with garlic powder and onion powder. Flavor will be very very similar.

    Sub in lactose-free milk for recipes calling for regular milk. Supposedly they now make Lactaid in all types of different dairy (like cream or sour cream), so that should be an easy sub, just limit your dairy use in general. You could also sub in almond milk, soy milk (if you tolerate it), or rice milk.

    Could you make stuffing with a homemade gluten free cornbread as the base? Or you could just pick up your favorite store-bought GF bread and use that.

    Mashed potatoes made with dairy-free milk and a touch of butter (if you're allowed, most FODMAP diets allow it in moderation). I actually make my mashed potatoes with just sour cream (no cream or butter) and LOVE them this way. Low fat and plenty creamy. You don't need butter and cream to make great taters. You could also do them with olive oil (just google "Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes") or margarine.

    Salad. Make a nice fresh salad with lots of your allowed veggies. Make a homemade dressing with olive oil and balsamic, season with lots of chopped herbs. Really tasty.

    Other sides/appetizers could be:
    -Roasted yams with HFCS-free maple syrup and a sprinkle of sugar and butter
    -Roasted squash stuffed with rice, carrots, celery, onion powder, chopped herbs, nuts, etc.
    -Green beans with almonds
    -Deviled eggs
    -Roasted tomatoes stuffed with rice simmered in veg broth and herbs
    -Marinated olives with GF crackers

    For dessert:

    --Blueberry/Raspberry/Blackberry crumble: Mix up a bunch of assorted berries then lay in a greased pan. Make a streusel topping with GF oatmeal, sugar, a pinch of salt, and butter/margarine. Sprinkle over berries and bake until bubbling. You could also add nuts to the streusel.

    --Strawberry/Rhubarb crumble: Same as above, subbing in different fruit.

    Here are a bunch of low/no FODMAP desserts:

    I hope that helped somewhat. You will learn eventually to make substitutions and it will get easier with time. Hope your Thanksgiving goes smoothly, and is delicious!!!

    1. So, this isn't exactly what you've asked for, but anecdotally, most folks I know who just go on low carb with IBS have reported seeing it resolve very quickly. You could try just avoiding all starches, in particular, first, if you haven't already.

      I also recall something called the Specific Carbohydrate diet, but it may be a variation of what you're doing now.

      There's a cookbook that's dairy, wheat free that many raved about years ago. You can modify as needed, but it's a good base of ideas using nut flours for baking:

      Good luck!

      1. This is a delicious rice based dish, i found red rice at my ethnic market cheap- just omit the onion and garlic:

        These are really amazing-just swap out the cumin to make them less "mexican" flavored:

        And not very thanksgiving, but stupid easy and delicious sweet potato pancakes: