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Nov 19, 2013 05:55 PM

Gotham West Market

Opens its doors tomorrow. The most exciting thing to happen to Hells Kitchen since Ezra from Azuri cracked a smile 3 years ago (I witnessed it). You can slurp on some Ivan Ramen or Seamus Mullen's tapas while having your Citibike fixed next door.
So who's going, what ya eating/drinking? What to try first?

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  1. planning to check it out tomorrow, but not planning what to eat. definitely interested in Ivan's Slurp Shop and Cannibal.

    1. Started with the Smoked Whitefish Donburi Rice Bowl from Ivan. Fantastic! Hefty chunks of white fish with Salmon roe, soy, cucumber and scallion

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      1. re: Ziggy41

        Looks fantastic! Did you go for lunch, ziggy? Is the place mobbed yet...

        1. re: zeeEats

          Yes went for lunch. I'd say semi-mobbed, not too bad for now. A short line at Ivan and a bigger line at Genuine Roadside. No lines whatsover at El Colmado (Seamus Mullen's place). Had no trouble getting seats at one of the tables scattered in the middle for me and 3 friends. Will be back for more since I work in the area

          1. re: Ziggy41

            Any chance you know what their business hours are?

            I can't even imagine going during peak hours, but might consider stopping by right before closing as I live close.

            1. re: zeeEats

              Each vendor has his own hours. If you mean Ivan, its listed as 11:30 - 10 but one of the owners said for the time being they open at noon. The line today at 12:15 was just a few mins and then another 5 min wait for the food.

      2. some good, some bad. only ate at Ivan Ramen, but did tour the whole place. Brooklyn Kitchen was the most disappointing. A lot of what they're selling can be found elsewhere, including Bed Bath and Beyond. Seems like a waste of space or a lost opportunity. They're selling blade grinders with their coffee equipment, demonstrating their lack of expertise. would have loved to see some less common items like the Coava aeropress disk or chemex cone.

        Court Street needs to market themselves better. it's a small stand and easy to miss. i walked past it three times and still don't know what they offer.

        Ivan's Slurp Shop was delicious. small bowls that are a bit pricey, but still satisfying.

        1. Wasnt planning to but came back today for lunch with a friend...

          El Colmado - Classic Spanish Tapas from Seamus Mullen and the rest of Tertullia's team. Gil Avital, one of Tertullia's partners is running the show. Terrific Smoked eel Croquettes. Deviled eggs with smoked Bacalao were satisfying. Dates stuffed with Almond and Valdeon cheese were explosive. Ive had this dish many times over the years, and this is as good as it gets, for me at least. Gambas al Ajillo were small and simple. Not the best we've had. Octopus on the Plancha was more like it, very tender and nicely charred.
          Got a couple on the house.. Marcona Almonds fried in olive oil. Hmmm, I prefer my raw Marcona from Costco. Its like crack in my house. Smoked Idiazabal cheese marinated with olive oil and rosemary in a sardine can was fine. Nice lunch overall. Look forward to trying the rest of the menu

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          1. re: Ziggy41

            Do they serve wine as well? I couldn't tell from the websites i've looked at.....

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              BTW, I should also mention the entire market was much quieter today. Between 12-1 there were practically no lines anywhere

              1. re: Ziggy41

                Thanks- thinking to go one evening, but no wine is a deal breaker ;)

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  Understood. Just so you know this is not exactly an intimate setting. I took some pictures yesterday but forgot to take one of the El Colmado area which is essentially a bar


          2. Instead of opening a place where the names of the places are already more talked about than the food (sarcasm has joined the discussion), how about somewhere casual and hospitable, like many hawker centers in Singapore or other similar ideas in Thailand? Flushing and Sunset Park know the score, but I guess in Manhattan is a doozy.

            Is high rent the problem? Don't think Singapore has cheap real estate either.

            NY's seasons muss with the open-air idea? Would be nice to have a structure that could adapt to weather changes. Indoor would be swell too.

            Was this a rant? Maybe not. I like food. I'll pay the Gotham West Market a visit anyway. Perhaps I lived in East Asia for too long...