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Nov 19, 2013 05:00 PM

upper west side romantic meal?

looking for a place, not too expensive, for my wife and I to go for romantic, yet good food, dinner..79th street and above

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  1. There is an Italian place on 84th (I think) Amsterdam to Bdway

    Place is romantic... food is quite good too, and low key, low enough tabs

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Exactly. Haven't been in a year or so but it fit the request

        1. re: dyrewolf

          It did look quite quaint when I walked by it going to Jacob's Pickles.

      1. re: arepo

        The poster didn't say what "not too expensive" means, but Ouest is pretty pricy. But if its within the budget, I agree. Really good food and nice place.

        1. re: plf515

          You have a point although I guess I just automatically think of Daniel, Per Se, Jean George, EMP and Le Bernardin etc. when I think of expensive.

      2. There's a new place called Corvo Bianco on Columbus my friend's mother went to. From the website it looks beautiful.

        Take me.

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        1. re: mushroomaffairs

          the restaurant is beautiful, but the food was disappointing on both visits. haven't heard anything compelling since and don't have plans to return.

          1. What does "not too expensive" mean to you? What sort of price per person before drinks and tax and tip?

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            1. re: plf515

              thanks for all the great suggestions! In terms of not "too" expensive, looking to spend $50 a head including wine..a little more for drinks.