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Nov 19, 2013 04:04 PM

good eats near Beth Israel

Have an appointment @ 8pm on a Thursday. Where to eat nearby beforehand. Need good vegetarian options. Seafood ok too.

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  1. Café G at the Isabel Steward Gardner museum serves until 9 PM I believe on Thursday. You don't need to pay museum admission to eat there. Its about a 6 block walk from the museum to BI. There isn't anything really close to BI though there is a cafeteria of course in the hospital. If you are driving both Kenmore square and Brookline Village offer some nice options: Family Restaurant in Brookline Village has good vegetarian and fish, Pomodoro is decent Italian (cash only, however). In Kenmore you have Island Creek Oyster Bar and Eastern Standard Kitchen.

    1. Lineage in Coolidge Corner is great and not that far

      Closer are Taberna de Haro (tapas - delicious) and the old Chef Changs which is now Sichuan somesuch

      Coolidge corner is 5 minute drive from the long wood hospital area and offers everything.

      Sweet cheeks BBQ in Brookline ave is close to the area and offers no meat options.