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Nov 19, 2013 03:49 PM

What is the best place for ca nuong / Vietnamese catfish?

I've been to Quan Ca My Van Restaurant (10131 Westminster Ave, Ste 214
Garden Grove, CA 92843), which I very much enjoyed.

Recently, I was told that Anh Hong also has good ca nuong.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. Not sure if best but Vietnam Restaurant in San Gabriel has one that I enjoyed. Recommended to call ahead 30-45 min. Great place to enjoy catfish and seven course beef, not to mention same fried eggroll as golden deli.

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    1. Which version are you looking for?

      Favori is most famous for their monster sized baked catfish that comes with lettuce and mints for you to wrap in rice paper.

      Vien Dong had a really good version with dill and onions.

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      1. re: Porthos

        Do you mean "cha ca thanh long"? Can't imagine a ca nuong with dill/onion

        1. re: ns1

          Yep. I was just going by "Vietnamese catfish".

        2. re: Porthos

          Thank you! I was looking for ca nuong. I've only had it at Quan Ca My Van, which I thought was very good, but I'd like to try it at other places, too.

          1. re: inthenameoffood

            Favori in Santa Ana is the classic rec...hasn't changed at all since like 1990.

            1. re: ns1

              Sounds good, I'll check it out. Thank you!

        3. SGV: Thien An, bar none.

          No need to call in, expeditious as hell, and they serve beer on ice, just like Vietnam, without asking. With its large space and large staff, it is one of the better Vietnamese restaurants in SGV, and makes Golden whatever look like cheap tin.

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          1. Phong Dinh used to be our go to spot when we shopped nearby but they have since relocated. We have not tried the new location but if you're in the area, it may be worth a peek.

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            1. re: prawn

              Yes, they are known for their cá ñút lò/cá nuong

              1. re: prawn

                Thank you! I'll check it out - looking forward to a ca nuong circuit!