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Nov 19, 2013 03:41 PM

Gua Bao restaurants?

I'm surprisingly having a hard time finding places that specialise in Gua Bao in MTL.

I went to NY this summer and just missed trying Baohaus (no biggie but I really wanted to try different types of Gua Bao) and since then I've developed a bit of an obsession I fear.

Anybody has a good address? (somewhere accessible by metro is preferred! )

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  1. I googled Gua Bao because I had no idea what it was. So it is a Taiwanese speciality so are you looking for Taiwanese restaurants?

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    1. re: williej

      I always tought "Gua Bao" were simply "Bao" until I realised that there were many types of Bao (xiao long bao is a soup dumpling for example)

      Well, I'm looking for the Taiwanese speciality or a good variation made elsewhere. It's becoming somewhat trendy in the states in food trucks so I was thinking someone else might have taken the initiative here.

      1. re: CaptCrunch

        I HIGHLY suggest Gado Gado on Mackay.

        They call them ''Bakpao Gapit | 6 | Steamed buns, braised pork belly or vegetarian''

        The pork belly one was one of the best things I have ever ever tried! And the other food on the menu is fantastic too.

        Now I am hoping to get to Toronto to go to the restaurant ''Banh Mi Boys'' it!

          1. re: CaptCrunch

            No problem! The chicken skin is also excellent, and I love the papaya salad. The main I enjoyed the most is Gulai Kambing | 15 | Spiced lamb curry and Rendang Daging | 15 | West Sumatra braised beef....

            He said you could also do a tasting menu...perhaps he could include some Bao in there......

    2. To save others from a bit of Googling, apparently it's a Taiwanese dish:

      I have no idea whether you can find this here - not sure how strong our Taiwanese community is - but maybe others know.

      1. Is gua bao similar to the steamed buns made by Satay Brothers?

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          1. re: CaptCrunch

            The Satay Brothers version is delicious.

        1. I think the reason you might be having a hard time finding a place specializing in gua bao is that there aren't any. There are a few places doing gua bao or some kind of David Chang-inspired riff on the dish, but I'd be highly surprised if there was a place in town focusing specifically on this snack.

          Satay Brothers has already been mentioned. TKrestobar does a version. I'm pretty sure Cartel Street Food used to do them, but they seem to have been taken off the menu. There are probably a couple more "funky" and "urban" places that do them, as well.

          AFAIK, none of the very few Taiwanese places in town make gua bao.

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          1. re: SnackHappy

            Thanks for the answer! I've seen a few trendy places handle them but I've always wonder if there were some nook and crany restaurant serving "original" versions and whatnots.

            1. re: CaptCrunch

              I'm pretty sure there is a vegetarian version of this at Su Shian Yuang (which is Taiwanese). And the one at Satay Brothers is really good. Mei Restaurant has something a bit similar too, also vegetarian.

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                I thought of the one at Mei but didn't suggest it even though it's delicious because it's more of a crunchy baked bread that was split open and stuffing was added. By the way, what is the black seed on top with the sesame? Is it black cumin?


                  1. re: Ghostquatre

                    It's definitely not poppy. The seeds are the wrong shape and size. It's more likely black cumin or nigella.

                  2. re: hala

                    the black seeds are also sesame. black sesame.