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How many of you here from the NW/PNW ?

By that I mean BC, WA, OR, ID ?

I'm in BC.

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  1. Lifelong WA state resident..just north of Tacoma.

    1. ashland/rogue valley, oregon here.

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                  I'm in Vancouver, and learned something this morning after your post, LR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_... I had no idea that Idaho is sometimes included in the NW?PNW. It's not included on the PNW board here, whereas interestingly, Alaska is.

                  1. re: grayelf

                    Yeah, weird innit ?

                    I think BC/Yukon got roped into PNW because they had to connect WA to AK somehow ;-)

                    Back in university geography (decades ago !!) I learned of the Cascadia Movement, which is a geog. subset (and culture) of the broader PNW:



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                      Hi, grayelf:

                      Yes, the catch-all residuum of PNW is both counterintuitive and lame, and as a consequence the board is moribund most of the time. My sense is that Bellingham gets >50% of the action, the San Juans and Bend get about 20%, while the rest of a truly VAST area struggle for any attention at all.

                      Used to be that the Mods strictly enforced these arbitrary and gerrymandered borders, so that locales within an hour's drive of Seattle were kapu. I even saw cases where posters were flagged for asking for places along the way between Seattle and Vancouver--the Mods wanted it posted only on one board (PNW) which got few if any replies.

                      Thankfully, it's better now, but IMO posters are better off posting on either BC or Seattle for all points in between, even though the destination is in neither balliwick.


                      1. re: kaleokahu

                        Yeah PNW board has been pretty quiet. And the irony that I prolly generate more posts on Bellingham and surrounds than the locals do !

                        'Tho I'm surprised how much traffic threads on Winthrop (had to look up where it is) generates.

                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          But previously Idaho and Alaska were in 'Elsewhere'. But that board was dominated by Hawaii.

                          Would be any better if 'Seattle' were changed to 'Puget Sound', and 'Portland' to 'Willamette Valley'?

                          One way or other, places with low population density are going to get lost. Who is going to represent them, either with questions ('any one tried the new bar/grill down the street?') or expertise ('help me with my itinerary of the best places in Republic?'). Who talks about Winthrop or Index? Residents or visitors from Seattle? Is Bellingham covered by locals, Seattleites, or Canadians seeking American bargains?

                          Who asks questions about Alaska - usually visitors from any part of the country. Who knows about the food scene in Alaska?

                          1. re: paulj

                            Hi, Paul: "Would be any better if 'Seattle' were changed to 'Puget Sound', and 'Portland' to 'Willamette Valley'?"

                            I think so. Or better yet, have a Western Washington board and one for Eastern Washington & Idaho.

                            I agree with you that low population density usually means an area is going to be a Sargasso Sea. But there are many quality places in in these areas that more urbanite Hounds seek out and have good knowledge about. The best local example is Willows Inn on Lummi Island, which draws patrons from the entire region, nation and internationally. Posting to ask questions about this place on PNW is pretty much futile.

                            My technically-uninformed opinion has always been to allow posting essentially the same post in multiple forums, and see who replies. The Mods *have* devised a way to reference posts that are moved to the "correct" board, but it might be better to just have a direct link.

                            Another idea would be to have an "At Large" or "On the Road" board, where posters could post *once* about suggestions for roadtrips, etc.

                            Still another possible(?)technical solution would be to keep the existing boundaries, yet allow users to choose to see combined threads, e.g., have the option to view PNW posts interleaved with Seattle and BC.


                            1. re: kaleokahu

                              sounds like a 'latest chowhound' but for a selective group of boards. My RSS reader lets me put several boards on one window, but doesn't give me the option of ordering the posts by time.

                      1. Spokane.

                        I cross Chowhound borders and drive to Idaho for dinner at least once a month!

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                          So Spokane needs to be put in its own board along with northern Idaho. Boise and Ontario (OR) go into another, while SE Idaho goes with SLC. And Jackpot NV gets grouped with Twin Falls, ID (where most of the casino employees live).

                          1. re: paulj

                            ha! I Don't think further fragmentation of boards will do any good. :)

                            1. re: bbqboy

                              I was being facetious when suggesting further fragmentation.

                              But the underlying issue for lightly populated areas is: how to get the attention of knowledgeable people who don't routinely follow that area?

                              Maybe it requires a different model than 'boards'.

                              Stackexchange has 'boards', but threads with in those can have multiple 'tags'.


                              1. re: paulj

                                I know, Paul. I miss the sense of community the PNW board used to have before Seattle and Portland got split. We used to discuss regional topics once upon a time. :)

                        2. I'm really surprised that ID isn't in the PNW board. Never looked. 'Course we're in Reno/Tahoe and Reno is on the SW board and Tahoe (50 miles away) is on the CA board. Sigh.