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Nov 19, 2013 03:04 PM

chocolate sugar cookies

I'd like to cook chocolate sugar cookies. Should I just add cocoa powder to the original recipe?

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  1. No, you should find a chocolate cookie recipe that adds chocolate, in one or more forms, to a basic flour, butter, and sugar dough (may or may not include egg).

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    1. These ones are very good. They only use cocoa powder but they're the best recipe I've found.

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        It looks very nice) Thanks, I'll try!

        1. These are dark deep chocolate cookies from I make them with the mint chips, but you could use chocolate chips or leave them out entirely.

          You definitely need a glass of milk with these. They are delicious!

          1. If you have a sugar cookie recipe that you love, you can replace some of the flour w/ cocoa. If the recipe asked for 2 1/4 c. sugar, I'd do a 1/4 cup replacement (add slightly more than 1/4 c cocoa, though).

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              I do this, too, but since that's not enough chocolate for my taste, I also add a bit of espresso powder, which seems to amp up the chocolateness.

            2. I like the cream cheese sugar cookie recipe on There is a variation for chocolate cookies. These make nice soft sugar cookies and are delicious.