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Nov 19, 2013 02:46 PM

Restaurant near Laurita Winery

Taking my Mom to Laurita Winery (New Egypt) in a limo for her 80th. Looking for a nice restaurant for dinner close by (10 miles or less if one exists). Any suggestions?

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  1. Was just there for the first time last week at their 80s dance night. Great place.

    But, unless food quality isn't a huge concern, there are no really good restaurants nearby.

    1. Yes - there certainly is a good restaurant nearby with delicious Italian food served in a homey atmosphere by a wonderful Italian woman and her husband from Naples Italy. The name is Cream Ridge Italian Villa at 445 County Hwy 539 N New Egypt, NJ 08533, which is only a few miles from Laurita Winery.

      i've been there several times and have enjoyed each visit. We usually opt for one of their homemade pasta type dishes. Everything is made to order and served by a very efficient and friendly staff. There are several other Italian restaurants in the area but the Italian Villa is something special.

      1. You did not ask, but I am insisting that you go to Emery's blueberry farm and pick up a jar or 3 or their blueberry jam. Its down the road.