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Nov 19, 2013 02:42 PM

White truffle fix?

So I know white truffle season started weeks ago, and I have yet to visit a place that offers it before the season ends.

Any recommendations on where to go? Thank you!

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  1. I saw a sign outside of Desco in Old Oakland advertising white truffles. Just checked their site for you but didn't see anything. You might want to give them a ring.

    1. Oliveto is having white truffle dinners for the next few nights. Price is down a bit, $6 per gram. You can get them downstairs as well.

      Poggio has them through 11/24. From the promo email:

      Raviolo con Uovo (ravioli with ricotta and soft egg yolk)
      Tajarin della Casa con Burro e Salvia (housemade pasta with butter and sage)
      Burrata e Aragoste (burrata with lobster and roasted eggplant puree)

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        $6 a gram would be half price from last year.

        1. re: Scott M

          Would be and is.

          That's also cheaper than reported retail at the Pasta Shop.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Any idea why? Supply, demand, quality?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I just got back from Alba last week for white truffles. Truffle traders told me that they are having a great year of white truffles this season. All the restaurants that I went to for white truffles, they just kept shaving more and more on my dishes. Fresh white truffles at the markets in Alba costs about 1/3 of what we are paying here.

                My truffle festival experience in Alba this year:

                The best truffle dish I have ever had in my life (Scroll to the later part of the article for that experience in Antica Corona Reale de Renzo.) :

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          What do you think of Oliveto? I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and taking the bart there if it's really worth the trip

          1. re: sparkerly

            I've always eaten well there. I gave up on the truffle dinners because the prices were so high but they're much more reasonable this year.

            I went downstairs recently for the first time in a while and the menu was more extensive than previously and the food and service were both excellent. I guess I neglected to post about it.

          1. Had dinner at Acquerello the other day and they are doing white truffles big time. Hadn't been there in a couple of years. The food was spectacularly good as was the service which struck a perfect balance between being flawless and and friendly at the same time. Had a great tasting menu experience at Saison a couple of months ago and felt this dinner was about the same level of deliciousness.

            Downside: Not cheap. Between the $65/dish white truffle surcharges, some nice wine, tax, and tip, I spent about $1000 on a dinner for two and we didn't even have the most expensive tasting menu. Worth every penny, but probably not the kind of dining that I would like to do every night of the year.

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            1. re: nocharge

              Love love love Saison.

              Yeah, white truffles are extravagant indeed but that's why they're a treat once in awhile! :)

              Thanks for recommending Acquerello, it's a place I've been wanting to try but haven't had a reason to go visit yet. This might be it.

              1. Delfina has them tonight through Thursday the 21st, which is when I’ll be bellying up for my share.

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                1. re: sunnyside

                  I enjoy Delfina so will definitely be on the look out!