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White truffle fix?

So I know white truffle season started weeks ago, and I have yet to visit a place that offers it before the season ends.

Any recommendations on where to go? Thank you!

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  1. I saw a sign outside of Desco in Old Oakland advertising white truffles. Just checked their site for you but didn't see anything. You might want to give them a ring.


    1. Oliveto is having white truffle dinners for the next few nights. Price is down a bit, $6 per gram. You can get them downstairs as well.


      Poggio has them through 11/24. From the promo email:

      Raviolo con Uovo (ravioli with ricotta and soft egg yolk)
      Tajarin della Casa con Burro e Salvia (housemade pasta with butter and sage)
      Burrata e Aragoste (burrata with lobster and roasted eggplant puree)

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        $6 a gram would be half price from last year.

        1. re: Scott M

          Would be and is.


          That's also cheaper than reported retail at the Pasta Shop.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Any idea why? Supply, demand, quality?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I just got back from Alba last week for white truffles. Truffle traders told me that they are having a great year of white truffles this season. All the restaurants that I went to for white truffles, they just kept shaving more and more on my dishes. Fresh white truffles at the markets in Alba costs about 1/3 of what we are paying here.

                My truffle festival experience in Alba this year: http://blog.wonsun.com/2013/11/day-5-...

                The best truffle dish I have ever had in my life (Scroll to the later part of the article for that experience in Antica Corona Reale de Renzo.) :

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          What do you think of Oliveto? I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and taking the bart there if it's really worth the trip

          1. re: sparkerly

            I've always eaten well there. I gave up on the truffle dinners because the prices were so high but they're much more reasonable this year.

            I went downstairs recently for the first time in a while and the menu was more extensive than previously and the food and service were both excellent. I guess I neglected to post about it.

          1. Had dinner at Acquerello the other day and they are doing white truffles big time. Hadn't been there in a couple of years. The food was spectacularly good as was the service which struck a perfect balance between being flawless and and friendly at the same time. Had a great tasting menu experience at Saison a couple of months ago and felt this dinner was about the same level of deliciousness.

            Downside: Not cheap. Between the $65/dish white truffle surcharges, some nice wine, tax, and tip, I spent about $1000 on a dinner for two and we didn't even have the most expensive tasting menu. Worth every penny, but probably not the kind of dining that I would like to do every night of the year.

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            1. re: nocharge

              Love love love Saison.

              Yeah, white truffles are extravagant indeed but that's why they're a treat once in awhile! :)

              Thanks for recommending Acquerello, it's a place I've been wanting to try but haven't had a reason to go visit yet. This might be it.

              1. Delfina has them tonight through Thursday the 21st, which is when I’ll be bellying up for my share.

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                1. re: sunnyside

                  I enjoy Delfina so will definitely be on the look out!

                2. Thanks for the recommendations! Although, the ones in Oakland look fantastic but far for me :(

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                  1. re: sparkerly

                    They're both close to BART. Oliveto is just across the street from the Rockridge station.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Ahhh, I usually drive but if I have a friend with me, bart can be an option :)

                  2. My wife and I just returned from Oliveto, where we bought a white truffle of 14 grams ($84). That was shaved over two dishes, and we brought the remainder home--plenty for a couple of breakfasts, and I plan to take the rest back to Oliveto for another dinner. The poached egg topped with shaved truffle and the tajarin ditto--both were wonderful.

                    $65 /dish /person seems pricey to me for truffles.

                    1. stopped by Farina a few weeks ago to try some of their truffle dishes:

                      raw veal with white truffle

                      the raw veal was great. the truffles were good. the salad underneath was definitely nothing special.

                      tajarin with white truffle

                      i had this dish a couple years ago at brunch, and it was an all-time favorite. this time the pasta seemed less "perfect" and the truffles were barely noticeable.

                      bison ribeye - just alright

                      tried a couple italian wines by the glass -- fine, but their selection seemed pretty limited.

                      when they were out of the fancy grappa listed on their menu, they comped me a glass they thought would be similar.

                      this was a pretty disappointing farina meal. i'll return, but probably only for various pasta dishes on occasion. i've had too many disappointments with their meat / steak main courses (veal, lamb, bison, venison), even though they always sound so interesting.

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                      1. sounds like you are asking for restaurants, but i've also seen them at the mushroom store in the ferry building. iirc $250/oz or ~$100 for a little ball of it.

                        1. Delfina says it's $57 for 5 grams, could do more or less. The offering was supposed to end this Friday, but it's been extended to Sunday (11/24).

                          Not sure how long it's at Perbacco, but the menu yesterday shows a few dishes with 3 grams.


                          Seems like Oliveto is charging significantly less than the other restaurants for white truffles.

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                          1. re: Kirk_T

                            Three grams would be OK for a small tasting-type portion. Five or six is what I would want for a regular-size dish, assuming nice and fragrant truffles. If they're weaker you need more.

                            Maybe Oliveto's treating them as a loss leader.

                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              Thanks Robert, you answered my question before I had a chance to ask it since we'll be at Delfina tonight. Maybe we'll each get 3-4 grams for the small pasta dishes.

                              1. re: sunnyside

                                Delfina's pasta servings aren't that small, or is that an off-menu option?

                                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                  I always found them smallish - but maybe makes more sense to split an order as a second course with 5-6 grams.

                                  1. re: sunnyside

                                    So we split the tajarin with butter and parmigiano with 5 grams of truffles as a second course and it was delicious. They split the pasta without asking and shaved truffles over each portion. Delfina uses a microplane grater for the truffles and a soon as they started grating the table next to us looked over as you could smell the aroma. I don’t have enough truffle experience to tell whether this is better or worse than shaved truffles. Robert is right, I wouldn’t go any less than 5 grams on a plate of pasta, but this was perfect. Also had arancini, calamari and for entrée the veal saltimbocca and diver scallops that had some black truffle shaved on them. We saw a couple white pizzas go by and the waitress said it was a special Delfina 15th anniversary pizza with cheese, white truffles and some other stuff I forgot. Some of the Tartine bread they serve to mop up the sauces and all in all a great meal. They handed out Delfina 15th anniversary posters at the end, designed like Fillmore rock posters. Service at Delfina is always sort of casual but excellent. Truffles are pricey though so next year I think I might go the retail route and shave them over my own pasta at home.

                            2. re: Kirk_T

                              Tried Perbacco for the white truffles and was sadly disappointed....

                              I had it with the Tajarin and Risotto and didn't even finish either one.

                              Hmm, now my mission is to get a satisfying meal before the season really ends.

                            3. Perbacco dishes with three-gram tableside shaving included in the price:


                              TAJARIN – HAND CUT TAGLIATELLE / PROSCIUTTO DI SAN DANIELE / 63°C HEN EGG 59/64



                              Regular pastas are $14/19 so I guess it's $15 / gram.