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Nov 19, 2013 02:14 PM

How's T-day coming? What have you prepped?

Thanksgiving is always half celebration and half strategy. I'm having company just before T-day, on T-day and on Friday after T-day just to add to the fun. Planning and advance prep will be important as never before.

So what have you already done? What will you be doing in the next week? How do you do it? What do you plan for meals in the couple days leading up to T-day?

I want to be sure I'm not missing a single trick so I can enjoy my company and not be frantic and scary.

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  1. Pie crusts are made and in the freezer. Ditto for the cake. Cornbread is made, and it and the French bread for the dressing are torn up and in the freezer. Cranberry salad will be made on Wednesday. Dressing will be mixed and baked T day. Also pies Turkey goes in the convection oven T day. While it's resting, the roasted asparagus goes in convection oven. Rolls get heated last minute in whatever oven is available. Hope to get the celery and onion chopped and sweated in bacon grease on Wednesday. Thankfully, we have two ovens, and they're both self cleaning.

    1. Two things I've already done are experiments:

      • The dinner rolls are in the freezer in their pan. They're nearly completely proofed but not baked. My hope is they'll finish proofing as they thaw and come up to room temp. …and not collapse as they bake from being over proofed.

      • The ice cream base is also in the freezer. It's not churned. I plan to thaw it and churn it before refreezing a couple days before T-day.

      I've also got a soup base frozen in a big plastic bag. On T-day I'll add chicken stock and cream.

      The thing is, frozen flat in bags these things don't take up much space but I'm afraid I'm going to run out of freezer space well before I'm done getting ready.

      1. I'm not responsible for much this year, however, I have sent my shopping list to my DNiece where I will be traveling and cooking "a little" so she can get what I need when she shops.

        1. Shopping list is ready, now I just have to decide when to shop. I got hit by a serious virus this week so taking it easy on myself. I was debating making or ordering rolls and decided to call Great Harvest for rolls so that's done. I made some turkey stock a few weeks ago with turkey parts.

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            I think I've done what I can. Shopped for what will hold -- canned goods, root veggies.

            I'm in a holding pattern until Mon when I pick up my bird and start dry brining her. Deep cleansing breath.

            1. re: rainey

              Yea I don't want to shop too early but I also hate crowded stores. I'll probably go early Monday morning.