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Nov 19, 2013 02:10 PM

NOLA - Hwy 90 - Lafayette

Hello Hounds!

I need some recommendations for one lunch and one dinner on a Saturday in NOLA. Wife and I and 3 girls (17, 14 and 9). All are adventurous. Cost per meal -- $100-$150. We are staying at the Sheraton on Canal and have a car.

We are driving to Lafayette after that via Hwy 90, so a recommendation for Sunday lunch in Houma, Jeanerette, Abbeville or Maurice would be appreciated as well.

Finally, Sunday dinner in Lafayette.

We are looking for authentic Creole and Cajun. No steak or BBQ as we are from Kansas City. Thanks!

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  1. When? I'm not sure of Sunday availability everywhere. just off the top of my head, Shucks in Abbeville ought to be available. The Don's in Lafayette has been getting good reports lately even if it seems assembly-line seafood. Hungry Celeste probably has other spots en route on HWY 90. And of course there is Spahrs in Des Allemans, famous for catfish.. I'd have thrown out Café Vermillionville in LFY for their turtle soup but they are closed on Sunday.

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      Our Saturday in New Orleans is on the 21st of December. Our Sunday on route to Lafayette is on the 29th of December.

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        Good..that gives me time to check with my "people on the ground" assuming some of them are not offshore.

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          Can you give me a recommendation for a casual authentic NOLA dinner for Saturday night? Creole rather than Cajun as we are headed to Lafayette. Something fun which my daughters (9, 14 and 17) would enjoy. They aren't picky at all. All eat raw oysters. Thanks!

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            Off the top of my head I'd say Mandina's...College Inn handles kids well. Mr B's might work.

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              I'd take 'em to Casamentos--you can have a few dozen raw, then have a fried oyster loaf (or softshelled crab, or trout, etc). It's a straight-ahead seafood place, an institution. Everything is done in cornmeal and fried in lard. Your girls will get a kick out of a trip to the restroom, which requires a walk through the kitchen.
              Go a bit early so you can squeak in when it opens at 5:30 pm and you shouldn't have to wait.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                That's a good idea for a local joint although I was thinking more along the turtle soup, trout meuniere line. But for oysters, sure.. Liuzza's also suggested itself.

                It's times like this I wish Maylie's and Mandich were still around

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Thanks for Casamentos. What do you think about Borgne?

                  1. re: topekahawk

                    I keep hearing good things about the $10 weekday lunches, especially the Wednesday rabbit ragout.

        2. Chester's Cypress Inn in Donner (between Houma & Morgan City, off 90). Open for lunch Sunday's. Fried chicken, livers, gizzards, frog legs, shrimp, catfish, onion rings and cold beer.

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            +1 to Chester's, which is truly out of another, earlier era. Kinda in the middle of nowhere (or at least the side), so definitely mapquest it before you go. It's closest to the town of Donner, which was a cypress lumber town. If you do go to Chester's, you might want to plan a stop at the Cypress Sawmill Museum in Patterson, a LA state museum devoted to the swamp timber industry that cut over LA's magnificent cypress swamps. Parts of US 90 between Morgan City and Houma are elevated, so you skim along the cypress treetops; the museum helps explain the settlement of the swamps & their present-day, rather "cut over" appearance.

            Poor Boy's Riverside Inn is a short distance off of US 90 in Broussard, just east of Lafayette:

            Depending on your timing, you might want to stop at LeJeune's Bakery in Jeanerette for ginger planks and traditional, south-LA style french bread. A few miles off of US 90, in the middle of Jeanerette:

            Just east of of Jeanerette is the Yellow Bowl, known for crawfish etouffee and fried crawfish, etc. It's on US 182, or the "old" US 90, which meanders along Bayou Teche. Present US 90 is a limited-access, 4-lane roughly paralleling the old road.

            My current favorite place along this stretch is the Latin Corner on Railroad Ave in Morgan City, but you probably aren't visiting LA to eat Cuban food.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              I'm with you on Latin Corner. Most visitors aren't looking for Cuban food....but, man is it good! I used to work in Morgan City and probably ate there twice a week.

          2. Spahr's in Des Allemands. Known for its catfish. Their seafood gumbo is also great!

            I second Poor Boy's Riverside in Lafayette. It's one of our favorite restaurants when we visit my sister down there. Great gumbos, and everyone likes their sauteed crab dinner.

            1. Just wanted to report in on our visits to NOLA and SW Louisiana.

              New Orleans --

              Borgne -- Dinner
              Delicious dinner. The place is a bit noisy and was busy. Not sure if that was usual or if that was because of the New Orleans Bowl between Tulane and U of L.

              Cocktails were not good. Served in a plastic go-cup. I was told that was because of the football crowd, but my wife and I and daughters weren't going anywhere and $10 cocktails should be served in a glass.

              Dinner was delicious. I had the fish in a bag and it was perfectly cooked.

              Atchafalaya -- Sunday brunch
              I can't recommend this place highly enough. There was a nice jazz trio playing and they had a bloody mary bar with numerous "fixings".

              Gumbo was delicious. Eggs were perfectly cooked. Service was perfect.

              Jeanerette --
              Yellow Bowl - lunch

              Crawfish etoufee was the best of the trip. Fried crawfish was plentiful and delicious. Shrimp au gratin was rich and perfect. Service was friendly and very accommodating.

              Lafayette --
              Prejean's - lunch

              I think that the etoufee was better at Yellow Bowl. The roux seemed a little "thin". However, the boudin balls were out of this world. Thin crust and very light without being dry. Gumbo was top-notch and crawfish bisque was super as well.

              Thanks for all your help!!

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                Am very please to hear Yello Bowl was up to par. a couple of years ago I had a lackluster lunch there and have not been back. Will stop in en route to lake Charles later this spring.