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Any mainstream grocery stores selling ethnic asian herbs?

I've seen Galangal, turmeric and lemongrass in whole foods but is it possible to get rau ram or other herbs anywhere easily?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Berkeley Bowl has a lot of Japanese produce.

    Which towns / neighborhoods are convenient for you to shop?

    1. I have seen Rau Ram, Culantro(Saw Tooth Herb) Perilla, Curry Leaves at B.B.West.

      1. Not sure where you are at, but in the South Bay there's Lion. While it's a Vietnamese grocery store, there are plenty of locations and they all have an excellent selection of Vietnamese herbs (and other produce).

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            99 Ranch has only a fraction of the selection of Vietnamese herbs that a Lion store does. At least not in Richmond, Daly City, Foster City, Fremont, or Mountain View Ranch 99's where I've shopped unless something has changed recently.

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              I concur. The 99 Ranch in Cupertino is the only one where I've found a robust herb selection.

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                Gosh, I haven't been in the Cupertino store for ages even though I do dine at the neighboring restaurants from time to time. It may be that the closer one gets to San Jose and the Vietnamese enclaves, the better the herb selection. I didn't pay attention when I shopped at the newish Milpitas store a couple months ago. ;)

        1. lots of asian herbs at duc loi, which is two blocks fom the 16th mission bart station

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            I am in Palo Alto, and can travel down south till Sunnyvale. I think there is a Ranch 99 in Mtn View. I will check.

            Thank you for suggestions. May be time to grow these at home! :-)

          2. Sunnyvale has Han Kook and India Cash and Carry

            1. Speaking of rau ram -- just got back from a couple of weeks in northern Viet Nam. Never found rau ram as topping for various soups or rolls, but a great variety of others, including cilantro, perilla, various mints, basil, lettuce and convolvulus. (And never just basil, as I find here in northern Calif. pho'.)

              On the other hand, got some rau ram from 99 Ranch Market more than a year ago (for authentic curry laksa), and found it easy to root, and the plants have overwintered fine despite our Napa frosts.

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                I think that most of the Restaurants in the Bay Area are run by Southern Vietnamese . That may explain the difference in Herbs that are used or not used compared to the North.