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Nov 19, 2013 01:29 PM

kosher turkeys ny

in past years ive gotten mine at trader joes, i think they were repackaged empire

has anyone seen them yet? if yes, how much per lb?

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      1. re: cappucino

        best chicken ive ever had, super super juicy- and they arrive super clean BUT- expensive

        1. re: shoelace

          For the same price of a raw Grow and Behold, you can get a fully smoked turkey from here: http://up-in-smoke-kosher-texas-bbq.m...

          btw, to answer your question, yes, they are $2.49/lb. And they are in stores (they started carrying them on 11/17)

          1. re: tamarw

            With all due respect to Wandering Que & Ari, whom I respect greatly (to wit, I have taken his BBQ class AND used him to cater a kiddush), you aren't really comparing apples to apples.

            1. re: tamarw

              though i am also a huge ari follower, im not a huge fan of smoked turkey- i did think about ordering from him, but the thought of having turkey other than my moms put my nieces and nephews into a bit of a panic

              as a side note, grow and behold is definitely worth the money- that being said, you still have to be able to afford it, but the quality is incredible

        2. re: Moishefrompardes

          i am a big grow and behold fan, and have purchased chickens and sausages from them multiple size

          that being said, we go through 2 15lb turkeys, plus a ton of other meat stuff- i cant afford to do that through grow and behold

        3. According to Trader Joe's they will be having them again and they are $2.49/lb. Not sure if they are in stores yet, your best bet is to call your local store and ask (the ones I have been to in NYC in recent years have sold out quickly some days).

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          1. re: EllieS

            Most major supermarkets will match competitor's prices. Stop and Shop here will honor the Trader Joe's price

            1. re: bagelman01

              only if its in a printed advertisement, in my experience

            2. re: EllieS

              I was in the Trader Joe's at 72nd and Broadway last night, and they had kosher turkeys. They were definitely $2-something/pound, but I am not in the market for one, and didn't look closely.

              1. re: GilaB

                2 something a lb is a close enough guess, specially bc its manhattan, which means, when they come in, queens/long island, will be the same price or less

              2. re: EllieS

                oh, i have, to a couple of different stores, they keep telling me, not to worry that theyll be in stock

                1. re: shoelace

                  Shoprite in West Orange & Livingston, NJ have the Empire at $3.29 a lb. if you spent $400 after Oct 20, you are supposed to get $1.49 off for the kosher Turkeys, bit it seemed they programmed the computers so that even the kosher ones were free.

              3. I went into Pomegranate in Brooklyn since they were advertising having turduckens. Since I was curious I went over to the meat counter and asked how much they are. The answer: a raw one is $350. I was afraid to find out how much a fully cooked one is. Makes the Grow and Behold one seems positively reasonable doesn't it?

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