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Nov 19, 2013 12:58 PM

Blackfish Open for Lunch!

Blackfish reopened today for lunch. It wasn't crowded, but it is day one. We had a fabulous meal. My husband and I shared a Cobb Salad and French Onion Soup. Both were excellent. I had heard about the burgers when they were open for lunch before, so we had to order them. I had the Conshy Burger with white cheddar added. Husband got the Big Burb Burger. We have decided Blackfish makes our absolute favorite burger in this area! The fries were perfectly cooked and delicious. Looking forward to a return visit very soon!!

Chip was wandering around and we got to talking about fishing, since we both enjoy that particular sport. As we were leaving, Chip invited us in to take a look at Tradestone Confections, their chocolate shop in process next door. With very little urging, we tried several of the amazing chocolates they are selling. Currently online and hopefully in about a month at the brick and mortar location. If you enjoy excellent chocolate get over there when they open. I plan to here there as soon as the door is unlocked.

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  1. I must have been one of the first people to order some of their chocolates online, despite living nearby, and I just tried some tonight (well, ok, maybe 1/2 a box of them!). Really, really excellent! We're going in for lunch on Black Friday and hope to try some more...

    From Craig LaBan online chat last week--Craig: "I remember LOVING Blackfish Byob's burger way back when in 2007, when I was working on my round-up and my song. Of course, it was a much more innocent time, in those pre-Village Whiskey/Shake Shack/LaFrieda days... No idea how it'll hold up, except that Chip Roman knows how to cook."