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Wine shop needed near New Orleans, LA

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I need to purchase wine for Thanksgiving someplace between the New Orleans Airport and Livingston parish.

I did a search of this Board and not much came up. Maybe I didn't use the best search criteria.

Philippe's Wine Cellar looked good online but Lafayette parish might be too far from the airport . . .

I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. 1) Martin's -- http://www.martinwine.com

    2) Rouse's -- http://shop.rouses.com/wine_and_spiri...

    3) Hooper's Carte des Vins -- http://www.hopperscartedesvins.com

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    I'd pass on the Vieux Carré shop in the FQ.

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      Thanks, zin1953.

    2. Lafayette would definitely be well past your destination. Rouse's on Veteran's in Metairie would be your closest to the airport (link in Zin's post). Martin's is great too - but if you go that far into Metairie (also on Vets, but much further toward N.O.), you might want to visit Dorginac's Food Center instead / also - http://www.dorignacs.com/ - great selection of wine, spirits, and N.O. groceries.

      1. 11 -12 miles ~~ 14-15 minutes to: ~~~


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          Another great recommendation!