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Nov 19, 2013 11:33 AM

Greenville SC Weekend


Looking for some weekend advice for Greenville, SC. I have read about, but not been to:

Paulista's Delight Cuisine
Swamp Rabbit
Southern Culture
Rick's Deli (the wife and in-laws have been and enjoy it)

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  1. I'm a fan of Southern Culture.The food is simple but very good.The "Pleasantburger" is the best burger in Greenville.

    1. I talked about these some on the other Greenville thread, so sorry for repeats (and hoping I don't contradict myself!)...

      Paulista is pretty good, but not any one dish that calls out to me. The chicken enchiladas were nice, a couple of things I had were a little plain/bland. Reasonably healthy, and kinda cool to eat in a convenience store. Very nice lady cooking there. Tamales were pretty good.

      I love the Swamp Rabbit, but understand the cafe menu is quite limited. Like Paulista, this is just a lunch spot. I adore the hummus sandwich on stecca bread. It's standard hummus, but they add lots of vegetables, not just the usual suspects. You might get broccoli, squash, radishes, peppers, whatever is in season...rather than the usual tomatoes and sprouts. The stecca bread is spectacular , and I think the liberal sea salt sprinkled on it has a lot to do with why my friends and i call this the "crack sandwich".

      The egg and cheese sandwich is also a possiblity, and their soups are always good, and although I generally despise anything "vegan" on general principles, when it comes to soup I confess myself grateful for the vegan trend, because when it applies to soup I don't have to worry about cream. I hate cream soups. Not all their soups are vegan, mind you, ask if you care. Baked goods also nice and the store is a gem full of local produce and other intersting goodies.

      Rick's Deli is a crapshoot for me because I've had some great pastries there, and some not-so-great, kinda stale pastries. It's very expensive. I've only eaten a meal there once and it was pretty decent. Please report back.

      I've been curious about southern culture too, but I'm kinda fat-phobic and that menu looks like a gut bomb, if you'll pardon the expression. Please report back on that as well. Mollybelle, what makes that burger the best? I will occasionally put aside fat concerns for a bloody-rare burger if it's worth it. thanks.

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        "crack sandwich" hahaha..good one

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          The "Pleasantburger" is an in house grind of sirloin,brisket and short rib, served at any degree of doneness.The condiments are a mild house made steak sauce and bacon- onion jam sparingly applied so the burger shines.The thing is not stupidly big like most burgers have gotten lately...$9 very well spent!

          1. re: mollybelle

            This sounds pretty delicious. We were at the Four Seasons hotel in NYC last week and one person in our party ordered a had to be 6" high. I could not believe it.