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Nov 19, 2013 11:15 AM

Girls weekend in Kansas City. HELP

A girls weekend reunion. We are staying on the Plaza and will be inbibing, so short cab rides and walking are preferable. I'm hoping we can find some more unique and fun options. Tapas? Mexican? Kitchy but with a live music? We'll be a louder group.

Also, any fun piano bars? I feel like I once heard about a Prohibition bar.... Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help. Just want to keep it fun rather than a buttoned down steak place!

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  1. Cafe Trio on the Plaza would be a good choice. They generally are decorated very festively at holiday time. Sit in the bar area and order small plates and fun drinks. Food is good and the people watching and atmosphere is great.

    1. Manifesto is the prohibition bar. Pretty cool.

      Michael Smith's for tapas.

      1. La Bodega for tapas also - fun, louder. Chuys (mexican) is kitchy - on the Plaza. Food is ok but the place is really fun. There's a piano bar in the Power & Light district - Howl at the Moon.

        1. BLanc Burgers and Bottles, handsome modern-looking hamburger place with lots of options, decent wine list, very casual, everyone from famiy groups to dates on the Sunday night I visited. Excellent food, relaxed atmo.

          1. You're going to get some barbecue while you're there, right?