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Nov 19, 2013 09:57 AM

corned beef in monmouth county nj

hi can anyone suggest where to get a ny style corned beef sandwich in redbank nj

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  1. It's a little outside your parameters, but Frank's Deli in Asbury Park is a place known for their pastrami and corned beef if not mistaken.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Frank's would certainly be my first choice for a CB sandwich in Monmouth County.

    2. will definitely give Frank's a try Thanks

      1. I can't recommend Frank's for the corned beef or pastrami. I finally stopped there this summer after years of meaning to go. The other diner/coffee shop food looked good, but both the corned beef and pastrami were ridiculously dry (we had to lather on mustard to get it down). The rye bread was, however, delicious. While I haven't been recently, Richard's in West End has always been my go to spot for this genre of food. Richard's macaroni salad is simply the best I've had.

        1. Elsie's Subs on Front Street; Monmouth Meats on Monmouth Street, or Readie's Deli on Broad Street should be able to deliver a piled high CBS. I have not done a taste comparison, however.

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            Some people I know swear by (not at) Irv's on 33 in Neptune, opposite the hospital. Can't testify personally, however

          2. Irv's deli RT#33 Neptune in that strip mall across from Jersey Shore Hospital.

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              Tried irv's can't say it's even close to a NYC sanwich