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corned beef in monmouth county nj

hi can anyone suggest where to get a ny style corned beef sandwich in redbank nj

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  1. It's a little outside your parameters, but Frank's Deli in Asbury Park is a place known for their pastrami and corned beef if not mistaken.

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      Frank's would certainly be my first choice for a CB sandwich in Monmouth County.

    2. will definitely give Frank's a try Thanks

      1. I can't recommend Frank's for the corned beef or pastrami. I finally stopped there this summer after years of meaning to go. The other diner/coffee shop food looked good, but both the corned beef and pastrami were ridiculously dry (we had to lather on mustard to get it down). The rye bread was, however, delicious. While I haven't been recently, Richard's in West End has always been my go to spot for this genre of food. Richard's macaroni salad is simply the best I've had.

        1. Elsie's Subs on Front Street; Monmouth Meats on Monmouth Street, or Readie's Deli on Broad Street should be able to deliver a piled high CBS. I have not done a taste comparison, however.

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            Some people I know swear by (not at) Irv's on 33 in Neptune, opposite the hospital. Can't testify personally, however

          2. Irv's deli RT#33 Neptune in that strip mall across from Jersey Shore Hospital.

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              Tried irv's can't say it's even close to a NYC sanwich

            2. To answer your question - The Dublin House.

              As far as outside Red Bank - Harold's.

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                Harold's is ok but again not NYC fare don't think I can find what I'm looking fo in nj

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                  what places in NYC do you recommend? Thanks

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                      Katz's on Houston St. Throw away the bread and eat the beef!

                2. Anyone have any comments on Kelly's in Neptune ?

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                    There's a lot of love for the Reuben...however I am not part of that camp. I do like the beverages though.

                    btw....if someone mentions Fred and Murray's in Freehold....I am also not a fan.

                  2. Not to offend anyone, because I realize we all have different tastes. I believe we all offer information for the OP to make an informed decision...it's also common for disagreements as a result...but a while back an unbiased Hound asked for some recommendations and Frank's was offered. This particular Hound was from Austin, Texas, and in my opinion, knew good food by the places he frequented in Austin which I had been to myself, so maybe our tastes aligned in similar fashion. He mentioned that he has also been to Katz's in NYC for the CB...precisely for what you are looking for in the style you seek, so he may be the one to be fairest in comparing the CB. He also mentions a few other places in a review of the places he tried while visiting the Asbury Park area. It's possible his notes may align with your tastes. Have a look on how his experience at Frank's was. You may find it to be helpful.

                    For the record, I have never been to Frank's, but from the Hounds in the Jersey Shore area who I find are similar to me in my tastes and assessments on restaurants and food in general.....I have Frank's on my short list to try myself whenever the opportunity arises based on their recommendations and comments.


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                      Katz's Deli And Bar (Reported Closed)
                      (512) 472-2037 | MARCKATZ.COM 618 W Sixth St, Austin, TX | Directions 78701

                      Just FYI-most reviews Here) were negative, to say the least.


                      Never been to Austin, but have been regular patron of LES Katz'z since about 1970: since Abe's tragic death/murder, and relocation of 2nd Avenue Deli, have to say Katz's on Houston is my #1.

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                        He mentioned that he has also been to Katz's in NYC ....


                        i have no idea why you even mention a former Katz's in Austin.

                    2. The best corned beef sandwich I've had in the area is at Celtic Cottage in Long Branch. Nice and fatty and juicy. Not dried out like at most other places.

                      Best pastrami in the area is at Richard's right down the street. Ask for it extra fatty.

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                        I second Joon about Richard's in Long Branch although I prefer the corn beef.

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                          Different strokes for different folks I guess hcentro...I would order the pastrami over corned beef at Richard's 100/100 times. It's not even close for me. :)

                          When I'm at Richard's I'll get a roast beef/pastrami combo and split it into two sandwiches...best of both worlds!

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                            I agree Joon that Richards Pastrami is excellent. I guess I should have been clearer that I always prefer Corn Beef. My wife always gets pastrami whenever we go to a Jewish deli and I usually don't think much of it anywhere, but Richards I can eat.