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Nov 19, 2013 09:40 AM

7 hours to kill at Miami International Airport Looking for good Pork!

I have a Miami International Airport layover on a Wednesday from 2pm till 9 pm. Can anyone please recommend a good cheap and cheerful Cuban restaurant for either Cuban Sandwiches and or Fried Pork Chunks -- Masitas de Puerco Fritas? Ideally the place will be close to the Metrorail system.

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    I would also look into Papo Llega y Pon for a pork sandwich

    1. There is a great Peruvian restaurant very close to the Airport called Salmon Salmon. Excellent. You won't regret it. Try the whole fish, or any of the other dishes.

      1. With 7 hours to kill....I'm heading to Versailles for Masitas de Puerco Fritas.......Black Beans n Rice....Interesting place.....busy.....Catch the Cuban vibe of Miami there.....Very good service.....Pretty quick cab ride....

        Ft. Pierce, FL....via Homestead

        1. Go and stuff yourself at Versailles. Get a cuban coffee or la colada across the street at La Carreta, not because it has better coffee than Versailles, it is just better to drink and share a Colada right at parking lot and make friends with the locals.

          Drive 5 min east to Maximo Gomez Park to walk off the cuban food and watch people playing Domino, take picture of this most famous park in Miami. Than walk across the street to Little Havana Cigar Factory to sit down, relax and puff a Cigar. chill for an hour before head back west to Jugo de Palacio, and spend $10 to pick up a to go order of Rice, Bean, Plantain, Yuca, Lechon, Roast Pork, yellow rice, filled to the brim, lunch for the rest of the week!!

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            Thank you for the tips. Is Versailles hard to get to by the metro? If you had to choose between Versailles and Jugo de Palacio which place would win? .

            1. re: cdnflag

              Forget metro, can't get anywhere with it. you'll have to take a Taxi. it isn't too far, maybe 15 min drive.

              Versailles has better food. Jugo de Palacio has better latin vibe and the market feel. Food isn't bad, but if I have to pick one. I'd go Versailles. Pack some Enpanadas and pastelitos home than.

              1. re: keithtang

                Versailles does not have better Fried Pork Chunks than Palacio.

            2. re: keithtang

              I recently tried lechon assorted at both Versailles and La Carreta. La Carreta won hands down.