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Nov 19, 2013 09:13 AM

Where can you get good feta in DFW? Not Whole Foods or Central Market.

Looking for feta like Shine's used to have. They had 4 different kinds from several countries with varying tastes. Does anyone know if there any place that offers this type of thing in the metroplex? I am Valley Ranch/Coppell area now, but willing to travel.

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  1. You might try World Foods Market on Floyd Cir. I haven't been here in quite some time so I can't attest to what they have/don't have but it is a large Mediterreanean store for Dallas (it is tiny compared to Phoenicia in Houston).

    or Sara's Market & Bakery - they do not have the feta's out to sample and get more than the prepackaged amount but they do sell several varieties. I thought the prices were affordable.

    The only store that had it out fresh was Zituna on Coit but that store has since closed.

    If you can gather as many food enthusiasts such as yourself and write Phoenicia in Houston to open a store here that would be awesome. Phoenicia has no less than 8 varieties on hand and you can sample anything in the case.

    I understand where you are coming from sometimes you are in the mood for a creamy soft French Feta for eating with a baguette and olives, sometimes for the more pungent and drier Bulgarian Feta to eat with watermelon during the summer, other times just a nice balanced Greek Feta to go in a salad.

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      A big second for World Foods Market.

      I also like the French sheep's feta from Wholefoods.

    2. Import Foods in Arlington off Collins and E Pioneer Pkwy.

      They have 3-4 different kinds of feta in bulk ranging from cows milk to sheep that they cut off and give you some from the huge block they get imported in. They'll let you sample any kind you want also.

      I've seen a few other kinds of packaged feta that they get imported in also. Plus you got to have their fresh middle eastern breads they make daily- white pita, whole wheat pita, naan, zaatar bread, and a couple others I think. Last time I went they had Persian koobideh kabobs (ground meat kabobs) cooking over real charcoal (the right way) right when you walk in. They looked and smelled delicious, but I had just eaten.

      They make really good zoolbia and bamiehs (Persian fried desserts dipped in in a rose water honey sugar syrup) when they've got em. They'll be in the front when you walk in by the baklava.

      1. I actually bought some feta at Market Street in Coppell and it was great. Nice and salty and used it for about 10 days in various dishes and salads. I was pleasantly surprised and could buy it again. I think it was DeMill (in a tub, not a package).

        If you are looking for the experience, you might try World Food Warehouse off TI Blvd in Dallas. There were 7-10 at a minimum last time I went. I am not sure they have a website, but I think if you Google World Food Warehouse Dallas you'll find plenty of reviews on yelp.

        1. Second world market. They have by far the best selection in DFW.