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Nov 19, 2013 07:53 AM

Did you know ...

... that you can have an "affagato" at Milk Bar.

Cereal Milk soft serve topped with espresso. Who would've thunk it. Not traditional, but terrific nonetheless.

What other creative, off-menu items do you enjoy in/around the city?

Please share.

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  1. ... that if you order the risotto with white Alba truffles at Per Se, after three bites the server will return to replenish your dish with even more shavings of white truffles, at no extra charge.

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    1. re: Scott_C

      Funny, same thing happened to me at Per Se. I had thought it was because the waiter was having difficulty with the truffle shaver that he came back to shave more truffles (no difficulty the second time). Didn't realize they replenish the truffles for everyone.

      1. re: Scott_C

        but what kind of premium do you pay for those truffles in the first place -- I mean above the enormous price they charge for dinner?

        They can afford to replenish your truffles. In the first place, not everyone orders them...

        1. re: ChefJune

          Just keep eating the truffles without touching your risotto.

          At some point you'll break even. You may gag before that, but you'll break even eventually.

        2. re: Scott_C

          Is the risotto with truffles an off the menu item that's only available upon request? I didn't see it on the website and I think white truffles are still in season.

          1. re: Tommy D.

            Both the main dining room and the Salon were offering a white truffle dish that was listed on both menus. On yesterday's menu, there was a white truffle gnudi offerend on the main dining room menu, but not on the Salon menu. I had dined at Per Se about two weeks ago in the Salon, and the white truffle dish on both menus was the risotto.

        3. And did you know that Nicoletta has an interesting Affogato, with Espresso Soda and crushed Amaretti. Not great, but interesting. Its on the menu tho

          1. ...on a recent trip to NYC I was to two Italian restaurants that did not have lemon ice on the dessert menu. But when asked, they both had it. :-)
            (Villa Mosconi in the village and Valentino's in Yonkers, but it may be an all-over thing...)

            1. realizing this post isn't about affagato specifically, Ronnybrook in Chelsea Market serves an off-menu version.