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Nov 19, 2013 06:36 AM

delivered (kosher) meal in Chicago?

I need to send a meal to family in Lincolnwood...any reccomendations? TIA!

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  1. What type of meal are you looking for? You have restaurant options like Tein Li Chow (http://teinlichow.com/), The Sandwich Club (http://www.thesandwichclub.net/) or Srulies (https://www.facebook.com/SruliesEssen...) or you can go to a caterer like Chicago Tail Gators (http://www.chicagotailgators.com/


    All are very good -

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      also from the CRC Web site (crcweb.org) - there is this:
      There is now a delivery service available for the downtown area
      and other sections of Greater Chicago.
      Yoni Kirschner

      Which will allow you to order from any place in Chicago including the grocery stores - which have good food as well

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        thanks for yr suggestions. I'm looking for a dinner for a family of 3 that recently moved. Someone had suggested Roumanian but from their online site it looks like just (deli) meats and maybe traditional deli salads. I'm looking for a bit more, maybe soup and green salads, etc. Was thinking of maybe Taboun or Milt's or Sandwich Club...all good?

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          Romainian's is a deli/butcher shop and in my humble opinion the best in the city.

          Any of the 3 restaurants you mentioned are excellent - Taboun and Milt's are two of the best reaturants in Chicago.

          Taboun is typical Israeli grill - http://taboungrill.com//

          Milts is BBQ and one of the newest restaurants in the city and has received favorable press from both kosher and non-kosher press - named on of the 20 top new restaurants in CHicgao - http://www.miltsbbq.com/

          Sandwich Club is very good as well but it is basically a burger/sandwich shop - it is owned by the same people as Srulies Deli so you should be able to expand beyond the standard sandwich fare - http://www.thesandwichclub.net/