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Nov 19, 2013 06:32 AM

GF dressing recipe?

I am attending a "friendsgiving" this weekend and there are several people who are GF. I've never made anything GF and the only thing I've tried with brown rice was nasty. I'm tempted to bring something else (carrot dish, corn dish, etc.--those are GF right?) but no one has volunteered to bring dressing and it's simply not Thanksgiving without it. Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I love these roasted carrots; they look gorgeous on the plate and there are hardly any leftovers. This recipe calls for 1 lb; I always do more. I also do a tiny drizzle of honey when I add the pom molasses and balsamic. You could do a trial run just for yourself to see if you like the recipe:

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        Note: the recipe says to add pom molasses OR balsamic vinegar .. I always add a little of each, plus a bit of honey.

      2. I made this rice and lentil dressing for our Thanksgiving in October and will be making it again next week. It's really excellent. I used dried cherries instead of cranberries, but otherwise followed the recipe:

        1. How about a wild rice stuffing?

          1. Get a loaf of Udi's bread - it is GF and fairly easily available- and proceed with dressing!

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              If you can't find Udi's there are other brands of GF bread as well. Just stick to a basic white bread, since some of the GF breads made with buckwheat or bean flour can be a little over-powering in flavor.

              If you use a store-bought stock or broth in your dressing, make sure you check the label to be sure it is gluten free. The Kitchen Basics brand is GF. Also be careful about using sausage in your stuffing, because many popular sausage brands are not GF.

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                And make sure you dry out the bread in the oven or counter a couple of days. GF bread can make dressing mushy. I use homemade unsliced GF bread and tear into chunks. Most sliced GF bread is sliced very thinly.