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Taipei 2 weeks with 2 babies

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Hi All,

will be in Taipei with spouse and 2 babies (6 months and 2 yrs) in Dec and will live 200m away from Taipei City Hall mrt.

We hope to compile a list of good/great (not necessarily the best**) eats around Taipei City Hall and nearby mrt's. (** eg we may not hit Shi Lin night market since it's far and the babies sleep at 9.00pm but we may try Yongji night market). Plan is $$$ for 3~4 meals, $$ (regular restaurant) for 10 meals, $ (food court, street food) for 14 meals.

Am still examining these threads http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/910947
and http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/780429

will slowly update as I do more research and get suggestions from you all. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Some notes for myself.

    Shin Yeh
    James Kitchen 大隱酒食
    永康牛肉麺館 Yong Kang Beef Noodles
    YongHe Dou Jiang Da Wang
    Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles
    Du Xiao Yue - Chinese Noodles
    Ay-Chung Noodle Shop Ximen Branch (maybe. too far. child unfriendly)

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      ay chung is awesome

      For yonghe dou jiang da wang make sure u go to this one, there are multiple famous places in yong he (and many claiming to be good too), but this one is out of this world



      1. re: Lau

        btw when u go besides the usual taiwanese breakfast stuff, make sure to get their luo bo gao...the sauce they serve with it is crack sauce, its so good

      2. re: newerjazz

        I like Ay-Chung, but it's definitely not child friendly - you stand outside eating piping hot noodles in soup out of very full bowls.

        The new Xin Yi MRT line just opened, and has a stop by Taipei 101. You can go a few stations to Dongmen station, which will put you by Din Tai Fung,and Yongkang Street, which would be a not hideously crowded night market area with some nice restaurants. I like the Tainan style pork noodle place particularly.

        From Dongmen station it's a not too long walk to Shao Shao Ke, one of my favourite restaurants - reservations needed on weekends.

        For casual stuff - there's an extensive food court and various restaurants under the Eslite store area, right by City Hall station, as well as a food court in the basement of the Taipei 101 mall - you can get good value for a simple meal - hot pot, noodles, omlette rice, etc. Both food courts also have sit down restaurants.

        When I go to the 101 area to eat, its usually for the more Western style restaurants (Chilis, Gordon Biersch, the Tavern), so I'm not familiar with the smaller local places in that area.