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Nov 19, 2013 03:01 AM

feedback on this one-pot dish?

I haven't made it yet, but I had in mind a chicken chasseur style one pot dish to make for work. Now that I've read some recipes, it's actually quite a bit different, but I'm wondering if anyone thinks this will be delicious, terrible, or any suggestions to make it more delicious.

I've got about 1.3kg of chicken breast, which I'm gonna dice, along with:
2-3 onions (coarse chopped)
200g bacon lardons
2 cans plum tomatoes
2 cans butter beans
about 100g closed cup mushrooms
3 carrots
2 courgettes (zuchinis)
100g fine green beans
1 can anchovies
And I think I have some thyme knocking about.

Does this sound alright? Not sure if it needs chicken stock or wine (don't think I have any in) for depth of flavour, or the anchovies will be enough.

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  1. I'm feeling a coq au vin direction here with the mushrooms and lardon, which brings plenty of umami, so I don't think you need the anchovies.
    Red wine would be lovely.

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    1. re: monavano

      Yep...I'd leave the courgettes and green beans out, too. The rest is a pretty close imitation of cassoulet.

      1. re: sunshine842

        you didn't mean cassoulet, but chasseur, right?

        1. re: alkapal

          No, I meant Cassoulet. It's cassoulet-ISH, to be sure, and woud never be confused with the actual dish, but it's down that path with the butter beans and bacon and tomatoes.

          1. re: sunshine842

            I do like cassoulet quite a lot, and that is where the butterbeans came from. It was kind of an impulse thing.

            *edit* Hi Alkapal!

            1. re: sunshine842

              Thanks Alka! This is all for me O__O
              I think the vegetables stay, if only for a nutrition point of view. I'm not really fussed about authenticity, as long as it tastes ok. Chasseur was more the ... inspiration.

              Thining about it, some dried porcini would have perhaps been a better move, you're right. but I have them now anyway!

              Roger on the anchovies, and hey, you're the second person to mention lemon, maybe there's something in it!
              And I'll try the worcester, maybe some tabasco too

              1. re: sunshine842

                Hi buddy! Long time, hope you're well :D

                Right, I hear you with the chovies, and I will try and source some wine/stock. Fingers crossed!

                And just in case I don't see everyone, have an excellent christmas too. I might have to pop back and see how everyone is planning out their xmas lunch, I've missed this place.

                1. re: Soop

                  I think I'd be tempted to steam the vegies and have them alongside, rather than in the main dish, but it's your lunch, not mine!**

                  **meant entirely as an indicator of free will, and not at all to be construed as a yucking of someone else's yum.

        2. I'd use oregano or rosemary, since my tastebuds perceive thyme as musty/spoiled flavor.
          Are any of your co-workers avoiding pork / red meat? If so, you'll want to include a sign for your dish.

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          1. re: MidwesternerTT

            Hahah, when I say "for work", it's all for me. I won't eat it all at once, but I will eat it all. Cheaper than sandwiches and much tastier!

            1. re: MidwesternerTT

              Thanks! This is really helpful, I think I might have actually forgotten how quick courgettes take and thrown them in early.

              Any idea why tenderising the chicken keeps it juicy? I eat quite a lot.

              1. re: MidwesternerTT

                Are there others who agree on the flavor of thyme -- this is a great description of how it tastes to me.

              2. For all chciken breast, please do this first: on the whole breast, beat the meat up with the back of a cleaver or a meat paddle. Not pulverize, but enough. When the fibers are broken up somewhat, then cut int dice or make cutlets or cook as you wish. You will find that your chk. breask remains softer and much juicier than it were just chunked.

                If you were to cook up some of the bacon in a little olive oil or butter, to whatever degree you want, you would have a bit of fat. You might then wish to flour your chicken, pepper at least, maybe Wondra flour if you have [not in the UK!], and lightly brown the whole beaten floured breasts, and then dice. Add coarse chopped onions to the same pan you have sauteed the chicken [non reactive] sweat a bit, add the anchovies, melt them, deglaze with tomato liquid into pot, add crushed tomato, some of the fried bacom saving some for later, a stock cube if you feel you have to have one, after tasting. Add the veggies accordin to your taste for how soft you like them and your cooker's cooking nous. Thyme midway? A few dashes of hot sauce wakes up falvors. You cannot taste any heat, but it does something subliminal. Also, if you have some lemon and parsley, at the last minute before serving, a very, very fine mince of lemon zest and parsley often wakes up flavors, as does a squuee of lemon juice.

                1. is this for a group lunch? it is a big batch.

                  i would drop the butter beans, zucchini, carrots and green beans. remember that chasseur is "hunter style" and those make me think "farmer style," or more of a farmhouse stew.

                  i'd chop the canned tomatoes with some bits larger.

                  i'd add a touch of cognac instead of wine. i'm not a fan of red wine with chicken, though i know there are many who are fans.

                  i'd use different kinds of mushrooms. i'd see if i could rehydrate some dried wild mushrooms for a while, then strain through muslin the soaking liquid to remove grit. use the liquid and the chopped mushrooms in along with the fresh mushrooms.

                  i like the anchovies but i think a whole can is a bit much; however, for that amount of meat maybe not. start with less.

                  (might try for a taste before serving: 1. a squirt of lemon (i know, i know); 2. a shot of worcestershire sauce; and/or 3. fresh chopped parsley on top).

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                  1. re: alkapal

                    Funny, i was thinking keep the beans and either omit or use way less chicken....
                    I agree it sounds like a lot of anchovies

                  2. Well, it ain't chasseur but it sounds pretty much excellent to me, Soop. Unfortunately, I can't get down to the south west to join you for dinner.

                    I would cut down, or leave out, the anchovies as might be a bit too salty. And it certainly needs either stock or wine to boost the flavour of the sauce.