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Nov 18, 2013 11:03 PM

What sauce on Beijing street pancake?

I just returned from a week in Beijing and had the most amazing food and street snacks there. As a vegetarian, I was especially fond of the street pancake made with eggs - like an Indian Kathi roll - with a fried wonton in the center for crunch. What an amazing idea!!

Also my first exposure to food from Guanxi and Yunnan - run to Lost Heaven if you are ever in Beijing ( I believe they have an outpost in Shanghai as well). Also a terrific eating experience at the Black Sesame Kitchen - if you don't get resos ( they have one seating at 7, it's communal dining) you can console yourself with the street pancake round the corner.

So to the topic at hand, they applied 3 sauces - one was a chilli sauce that may have had mala in it, but couldn't recognize the other two applications. Any suggestions of what they may be?

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  1. Could be almost anything. What did they taste like?

    It could be tianmianjiang (甜麵醬) or doubanjiang (豆瓣醬) or huángjiàng (黄酱), or any number of other things like sesame paste or hoisin sauce.

    1. 1) wrong subforum.
      2) what ips said, but you probably won't find hoisin in BJ crepes (for obvs reasons).
      2a) TMJ varies tremendously; the stuff made in HK, versus Taiwan, versus the stuff found in the BJ crepes, tastes unsimilar. If you apply the TMJ used in ZJM to the crepes, you're going to get different results. The paste being served in jian bing in LA is pink. It's kinda freaky, but the ex-pats say it's the closest to their home (Tianjin).