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Daisan Harumi - Changes

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Kawashima-san, Nagayama-san's long term assistant, has left Daisan Harumi. I understand from the restaurant that they may no longer open on Saturdays because of that (Kawashima-san used to be in charge on Saturdays whilst Nagayama-san has other engagements). Beyond tragic.

They did not divulge why he left, and it was not appropriate to ask in front of a full restaurant, so I acknowledged the information without further query. If anyone knows, I would be very grateful if you could share the information. If he is opening his own shop, I want to go to it.

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  1. Kuzo!

    1. I will take Kawashima-san's smile and friendly demeanor over homemade pottery any day. Would definitely like to know where he ends up.

      1. Oh. that's sudden, I liked Uncle's expression between 'kuso' and 'kozo'.
        I don't really know, but usually, when a long time assistant leave the chef, the chef give some of his art-work to show thankfulness. Here, it might be some 'strange pottery', and perhaps sauce.. EOLC, sushi Onodera name, a big Food Chain group is recruiting very aggressively chefs to open shops in Hong Kong, Paris, at very attractive salary (700Mk/2000Mk) unless it is self service advertisement !!! But, I hope he opens his own shop. We will have to wait few months to know..

        1. Oh, that's a shame! Quickly checked tabelog, and sure enough TOMIT mentioned Kawashima-san's departure in his latest update. No details, however. It might be worth following DH maniacs like TOMIT and "James Ōkubo" to see if they add any more information.