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Nov 18, 2013 10:37 PM

Daisan Harumi - Changes

Kawashima-san, Nagayama-san's long term assistant, has left Daisan Harumi. I understand from the restaurant that they may no longer open on Saturdays because of that (Kawashima-san used to be in charge on Saturdays whilst Nagayama-san has other engagements). Beyond tragic.

They did not divulge why he left, and it was not appropriate to ask in front of a full restaurant, so I acknowledged the information without further query. If anyone knows, I would be very grateful if you could share the information. If he is opening his own shop, I want to go to it.

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    1. I will take Kawashima-san's smile and friendly demeanor over homemade pottery any day. Would definitely like to know where he ends up.

      1. Oh. that's sudden, I liked Uncle's expression between 'kuso' and 'kozo'.
        I don't really know, but usually, when a long time assistant leave the chef, the chef give some of his art-work to show thankfulness. Here, it might be some 'strange pottery', and perhaps sauce.. EOLC, sushi Onodera name, a big Food Chain group is recruiting very aggressively chefs to open shops in Hong Kong, Paris, at very attractive salary (700Mk/2000Mk) unless it is self service advertisement !!! But, I hope he opens his own shop. We will have to wait few months to know..

        1. Oh, that's a shame! Quickly checked tabelog, and sure enough TOMIT mentioned Kawashima-san's departure in his latest update. No details, however. It might be worth following DH maniacs like TOMIT and "James Ōkubo" to see if they add any more information.

          1. Does anyone know where Kawashima-san is working now?