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Nov 18, 2013 09:36 PM

Best Frozen Prepared Foods ?

I’m a super busy mom with little time to cook. Can anyone tell me which are the tastiest frozen meals at Waitrose / Sainsbury / elsewhere? Vote for your favorite!

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  1. I think the best 'prepared' meals are to be found at M&S, Waitrose, and Tesco's Finest brand. I'd buy those unfrozen and put the 'suitable for freezing' ones in that freezer, if you have room in it.

    The chain Cooks does some nice frozen meals. I like their beetroot ravioli.

    You can always cook some meals on the weekend and put them in the freezer for another time.

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      Agree w/last point. Anytime we make anything braised we double or triple the quantities and freeze. Duck confit, lamb shanks, curries, etc., all freeze wonderfully (rather, they defrost wonderfully).

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        Agree with Cook for food that is already frozen -

        The others do some passable chilled meals that can be frozen. Amy's products are good for special diets, but they are expensive and can be smaller servings than other pre-made meals. I like the bean and cheese burrito as a snack/light dinner -

      2. I don't buy pre-prepared meals as I reckon I can get food on the table as quick cooking from scratch. Especially if there's more than one to feed.

        I would doubt that there are any frozen meals worth buying. As zuriga's comment, if I was in need of a prepared one, I would buy chilled, not frozen. And I'd buy whatever my supermarket's premium range was.

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          that reminds me of Picard and makes me all homesick to France... have a look at their starters online, for example: Or their desserts. Or soups. oh...

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            Yummm! Now i know where I will shop if I move to France...

            Ordered a smattering of items from Cooks to test it out. So far, the mac n cheese was really good, the beef bourguignon better than passable...when my kids clean their bowls, I feel a pleasure that outweighs my own culinary criticisms and proclivities! So for now, I think Cooks is the winner :)

            Thanks again for all of the tips!

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