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Nov 18, 2013 08:39 PM

Four days in Seattle!

Hello! My husband and I will be in Seattle for four days in late December. It's our first visit to the city and we're very excited. We'd ideally like to do 1 fancy, upscale dinner and then the rest of the days a bunch of exploring of low to mid price spots (brunch/lunch/gastropub). We love all kinds of food, particularly bold flavors, and we love great ambience/atmosphere. We'll be staying downtown, so restaurants w/in a reasonable proximity (walk/cab/public transport) would be best. Thank you in advance for any recommendations you may have!

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  1. That is peak oyster season. If you're at all a fan, you should try some. Walrus & Carpenter and the Taylor Shellfish bar are good choices. There are others, too, just not coming to mind at this hour of the morning.

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      This is where I am embarrassed to admit that neither of us is an oyster fan. We both enjoy seafood, but not oysters particularly. That being said, I've heard great things about Walrus & Carpenter-- is it good for seafood in general? Thank you so much for weighing in!

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        W & C is really focused on shellfish, and oysters in particular, so it may not be worth the slog up to the Ballard neighborhood if you are not an oyster fan. For seafood in general, I'd recommend Blueacre, which is downtown, and also its sister restaurant Steelhead Diner, which is in the Pike Place Market.

        For "gastropub," Capitol Hill's Quinn's is hard to beat. Another favorite on Capitol Hill for a variety of bright flavors is Poppy and its multi-course small plate thali meals.

        A fun spot where you can eat well without spending a lot is Toulouse Petit at Happy Hour. Arrive a little before the 4 pm starting time to get a comfortable booth and to give yourself maximum time to enjoy a series of small plates. They also have a weekday "Breakfast Happy Hour" which would make a good stop for breakfast or brunch. Take the monorail from downtown to the Seattle Center and stroll through the Center and thn a couple of blocks further along Mercer Street.

        In the market, for French Bistro fare, visit the excellent Le Pichet. In Pioneer Square, get in line for the great cured meats at Salumi.

        I am just scratching the surface here. Read some of the existing threads to get ideas and then come back to us with questions to help narrow them down.

        Enjoy your visit!

    2. Go to Rockcreek - fairly new seafood-focused restaurant in Fremont. It is getting raves, and the menu's I have seen all look very interesting and compelling; interesting combinations of seafood, veg and sauces with flavors inspired by the NW and the Mediterranean.

      1. Cafe Campagne in the Market is good for breakfast (although the granola is overpriced). Lowell's has great ambience but lousy breakfast/brunch food. I can't recommend it, although many do. Piroshky Piroshky in the market sells very good Piroshky. Turkish Delight has good baklava. Le Pichet has good French food downtown. Mamnoon is a quick walk up from downtown with great Middle Eastern food--was recently named Restaurant of the Year by one of the local mags. Sitka & Spruce is across the same street, and could qualify for your upscale dinner. Terra Plata is in the same building as Sitka & Spruce, but I haven't tried it yet. About a block west is Tango for Spanish tapas and the famous classic Seattle dessert, El Diablo--if you like bold flavors, this is for you (chocolate, chile, meringue, tequila, etc). Head on down to the ID (a nice longish, but completely do-able walk or take public transit--bus or light rail) and have reasonably priced Japanese (sushi or cooked food) at Tsukushinbo (make reservations unless you get there when they open at 5:30, but not open on Sunday). Also in the ID, Green Leaf for good Vietnamese (they also have a branch in Belltown, north of downtown). Farestart is a reasonably priced lunch place at the north end of downtown--run by homeless people who are being taught to be chefs and waitpersons. Never had a bad meal there.

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          Note that Campagne only serves breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays.

        2. Worth considering (you'd be among the first), and right downtown:

          (thanks to Kaleo for sharing the news)

          1. Le Panier Boulangerie….the market (pike place) the smell of the place, alone, will bring you in.
            Beecher's Cheese….the market (pike place) for outstanding grilled cheese and tomato soup
            Pike Place Chowder…the market (pike place) for some of the best chowder I've ever had in my life.
            Steelhead Diner…the market (pike place) for great seafood and stellar martinis.
            Metropolitan Grill for great steak and wine and, in my case, freshest raw oysters.

            You'll be in Seattle in December and need good comfort food.
            These are my (5) 'must do' places when I'm there in the winter.
            Dress warm, put on your walking shoes and enjoy.