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Nov 18, 2013 08:33 PM

Early morning po-boys? How early do they start serving?

Yes, looking for lunchtime po-boys during breakfast hours, preferably before 9am. Recommendations for where to go, and when they open? (Bonus for type of po-boy you recommend there.) Will be staying near CBD, but willing to walk a reasonable distance or take public transit. Thanks!

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  1. Johnny's Poboys on St. Louis in the Quarter opens for breakfast at 8 and as far as I know will serve lunch poboys all day. Mother's in the CBD opens at 7, but i can't personally recommend it and I don't know if they serve lunch all day. I don't know of anywhere else; most places start opening around 10 or 11.

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      FWIT, they were also serving "non-traditional" breakfast foods when I visited Johnny's. Stuff like fried chicken, porkchops, fish, etc (went well washing down the 9:00am bloody marys).

    2. Gene's Poboys, corner of Elysian Fields and St. Claude. 24/7. Yes, you can have a hot sausage poboy for breakfast and live to regret it all day. Cash only, don't expect much in the way of atmosphere or decor.

      Once upon a time, you could drive out to We Never Close, a poboy shop in Chalmette...but it closes now, since Katrina. Dunno the hours.

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        I totally forgot about 24 hour places. So Verti Mart and the Quartermaster as well.

      2. Thanks, all. I hit Verti Marte at 7am, and it was worth the early wake-up for the All That Jazz.