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Nov 18, 2013 08:17 PM

Dining at The Sagamore (Lake George)

I just got a great rate for two nights at The Sagamore Resort in Lake George. Any advice about the restaurants on the premises (La Bella Vita, Caldwell's, Pavilion, Veranda Terraces, Mr. Brown's, Club Grill, and The LakeHouse) would be fantastic. Any other winter dining recs would be appreciated as well. We have three kids under 9, but they are adventurous eaters (well, two out of three). Thanks!

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  1. i've never been but i hear good things about the sagamore. it's probably worth going there one night. since it's not far, you might consider going to saratoga springs the other night. much better selection of good places to go than lake george.

    1. I had dinner, etc. at The Sagamore when I was there for a corporate meeting (too long ago to be helpful).

      These threads might be helpful:

      Queensbury has 1 or 2 adequate restaurants and shopping outlets (I-87 or Northway exit 20). Otherwise you're in the Adirondacks, not known as a food destination. Ditto davmar77's suggestion regarding Saratoga Springs (I-87 or Northway exit 14).

      1. Glens Falls is a lot closer than Saratoga Springs (so is the Inn at Erlowest, but that might not be a place you want to take three kids). Bistro Tallulah? ( ). There's also the Algonquin in Bolton Landing, a reliable old-timer on the water, nice family spot.

        1. The Pavillion is only open in the summer months. For future reference, I'll say that the food is a perfectly decent excuse to hang out at the water's edge and enjoy the view. But I think the drinks (e.g. country thyme lemonade) are kinda underpowered.

          1. Thank you for the recommendations, everyone!