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Nov 18, 2013 07:14 PM

Gordon Food Service - There is now one near me.

Any comments about the quality/cost of the foods that they sell? How do they compare to Sam's Club or Costco?

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  1. rich in stl, you beat me to the question! I drove by the other day and wondered what they are all about. Are they a membership kind of place, or is it all about the big quantities? Anybody know? (And WOW, sad little Deer Creek Mall has certainly gone boom!)

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      Yup, I drive by it, too. Also got a flyer. Not membership, open to the public. To judge from the flyer it's mostly larger quantities, ala Costco, but it doesn't appear there'd be difficulty just walking in and looking around.

    2. We have one in Peoria, and I love it! No membership to the public. It is primarily a restaurant supply store, though. Doesn't really compare with Sam's. Most of the items are their own brand. About 1/3 of the inventory is strictly stuff a restaurant would use...styrofoam cups, pizza boxes, etc. I do get my parchment pan liners there for a great price.
      Food is packaged in large sizes, but very reasonably priced. Their deli roast beef is very tasty, and their frozen fruits and vegetables are very high quality. They also carry Minor's soup bases, which I can't find anywhere else in my area. Not sure how I'd live without the chicken one!
      It's also a great place to shop if you're doing fundraisers for your church or school....big boxes of name-brand candy bars, etc.