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Nov 18, 2013 05:49 PM

help with high altitude baking

Dear Chowhound high altitude bakers,
I am in Montana at 6,000 ft after living in the mid-west my whole life. I have learned to adapt a couple of my cake recipes but one of my most favorite has been impossible for me after many attempts. It is Gingerbread Cake with caramel icing recipe from Saveur magazine. It is easily found on line and it is fantastic. . I have tried to add an extra egg, lessen the baking powder, lessen the sugar, etc and yet, I still have ,what we refer to as, a "flat tire". The cake just drops in the middle at the end.
I welcome any help and if you haven't made this cake, try it . It is excellent.
thanks you,

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    1. re: c oliver

      Thanks C
      I have that book and I have tried different things but I clearly don't have the right combination yet.
      I was hoping that a high altitude baker out there might have tried this recipe with success

      1. re: Inchicago

        Have you tried entering "high altitude baking" in the topic right corner of this page under your name?

    2. Sounds like you may need to increase your oven temp about 25 degrees.