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Nov 18, 2013 05:43 PM

The Clay Oven Indian restaurant Greenfield MA

hi, anyone know anything about when this place will open? or a website? found something saying they would be open the Sat. after thanksgiving. wondered if that will be their first day or if they will open before that.

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  1. just stopped by there after the gym. they have a menu posted in the window now. the owner was there, so i tapped on the window and asked about opening date. he said he had been virtually ready for a couple of weeks, but that two minor things still needed to be completed by a contractor. "every day he says he will be in tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes," he lamented. still he said he thinks the work will be completed in the next day or two and they may be open as soon as this weekend. looking forward to it!

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      that is great news, thanks! I live in amherst, don't have a car, so I rarely go to Greenfield. But had to go yesterday for a mediation session downtown. And heard from an Indian guy at the convenience store in S Deerfield (on my bus route) that the place had been open since October. But he hadn't been there. Let us know when it's open and I'll hope it's got lunchtime hours ( I think they plan to have a lunch buffet) I can check it out before the last stage back to amherst leaves Greenfield at 5:15 pm....

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        The sign has said "opening soon" for a while now! It looks like there are a ton of people just dying for good Indian food in Greenfield! We hope the restaurant is great. In the meantime, for those who love Asian food, the Korean restaurant -- Manna House, -- is only a two minute walk down Bank Row and is excellent. A true gem in Greenfield.

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          Thanks bauskern! I have found something since posting last, saying Clay Oven is supposed to be open for Small Business Saturday...nov. 30.... so that is very close now.

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            I think the key phrase is " . . . . supposed to be opening . . . ." so double-check before you make the trek up to Greenfield! I did look @ their menu, and it is quite extensive. We can't wait.

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              thanks bauskern! I am relying on you guys to let me know...but if there is a it on the window or something? can you post the phone number there? I tried friending him on the Clay Oven facebook page, hasn't gotten a response so I don't think he's on there. any suggestions for contacting him? thanks but in a pinch I can eat at Brass Buckle! lol hey what is the address of the place please? thanks again!

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                The menu - quite extensive - is posted out on the front window of the restaurant. The restaurant is on Main Street in Gfld, very close to the four corners [Federal Street intersection].

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                  ok it's Small Business Saturday...are they open yet? who is in Greenfield here?

                  UPDATE:good news, found a phone number online, talked to the owner! they are not open yet, still having repairs done that are taking longer than anticipated. hoping to open in the next week or so. they do have a website... and said they will be open every day, lunch buffet will go 11:30 to 3.

                  1. re: faith

                    Today was opening day. They were quite busy, and the wait staff was clearly a bit overwhelmed. The lunch menu appeared to be a buffet only, although it looked some some people were ordering other dishes as "take out." The buffet lunch selections were quite limited. I would suggest that people wait a week or two for things to settle down and to let the wait staff get the hang of things. I will say that the chicken masala was very tasty. Was it "authentic"? I don't know. It was tasty on a cold winter day. The restaurant was doing a brisk business.

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                      I went for opening day also...due to the limited bus schedule, didn't arrive till almost 3 pm, closing time! but had called ahead and the staff were very nice and said it would be fine to arrive then. Several people had come in shortly before 3 and they kept the buffet up for us, restocked things that were low etc. I wanted to try the buffet specifically and yes, it seemed that was the lunch option. I enjoyed the food, there were 4 vegetarian selections- saag panir , a yellow dal, a cauliflower/potato dish with curry leaves, and a veggie korma type thing. Also pakoras, naan brought to the table by a server, some chutneys, salad fixings, kheer for dessert. 2 chicken entrees. I found the food to be very good but very mild....I am not a huge heat addict I don't think...but like a bit of heat in my Indian food. The owner was interested in feedback and I told him the food could use more heat. I liked that the food didn't seem overly salty as well. Yes, the staff are definitely getting the hang of things but they seemed quite friendly to me. It might have been calmer to get there as late as I did and avoid the main lunchtime rush that it sounds like happened earlier from bauskern's comments. I really like the room, nice big windows onto main street, cloth napkins, good choice of seating options... glad they are finally open!

      2. just saw on their facebook page that they say they will be open this weekend, as in Dec. 14. they posted photos of the tables set! hope this works out!

        1. Just saw on facebook that they are officially opening Monday Dec. 16. I will report back after actually eating there!