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Nov 18, 2013 04:38 PM

Visiting I Want a place that has blue crabs Big ones?

Heard New Orleans ships to maryland? Want restarants that cook it?

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  1. I'd check with Big Fisherman on Magazine Street 504-897-9907. Shells are getting hard now. You'll be able to find crabmeat dishes at any major restaurant but there is the increasing chance of shells in the meat as the weather becomes cooler.

    1. LA fishermen harvest more than enough blue crabs for Maryland and everyone else in the country. You can get boiled crabs all over town; call first to ensure crabs are available. They're boiled live, and the supply changes with the weather. Here's a list of boiled seafood centric places, all over town:
      Sal's Seafood in Marrero; Perino's Boiling Pot in Harvey (both on the Westbank). Cast Net out in NO East. Salvo's in Belle Chasse. Zimmer's Seafood, 4900 block of St. Anthony ave in Gentilly....Bayou Brothers Seafood on Judge Perez in Chalmette; Harbor Seafood in Kenner, and Kenner Seafood. KJean seafood on Carrollton, Seither's Seafood in Harahan.

      A little bit of googling will unearth hours and contact info for all these spots. Crab supply tightens as the weather cools, and thus crabs get more expensive.

        1. If you want to "eat in", check with The Galley on Metairie Road

          If you want to "take out" Hazelhurst has already suggested Big Fisherman (if they have re-opened) and I also like
          Schaeffer and Rusich in Bucktown.

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            I think HC's universal list is the best I admit that crab boils in the winter are not top of my list.. And it is more fun and less expensive to go out of town and get stuff.