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Nov 18, 2013 04:34 PM

Why are All post soooo old? [moved from Atlanta board]

Is this sight used in Atlanta/

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  1. The Atlanta board is certainly not extremely active, but I wouldn't say "All post soooo old" (sic). Is there some specific information you are looking for? Do you live in Atlanta? If so, perhaps you can help increase traffic by posting about your experiences!

    1. I did post below or above about finding a turkey dinner that has drumb sticks in ATL but no reply yet.I commented how old the posts were under buffet. Not sure how active the main page is.

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      1. re: sampras66

        Well, expecting a reply within a couple of hours on a fairly esoteric question is probably expecting too much, on the ATL board. If you look at the dates of the posts, you will see that there are frequently several days between posts.