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Nov 18, 2013 04:15 PM

Fine Dining in St. Paul?

Anniversary next week. Want to do two nights of fine and/or fun dining. We'd do Minneapolis, but drive back is a pain and would rather spend lodging $$ on dinner.
So, suggestions? Meritage still good? Manicni's (never been there)? Heartland (loved it last time year; still wonderful?)
My fabulous wife and I love pretty much all good cuisine.

Would really appreciate anything I'm not thinking of that is worthy of an anniversary dinner.

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  1. My husband took me to Moscow on the Hill (on Selby Ave) for my birthday a year ago and it was not Fine dining, but upscale and fun. The house infused horseradish vodka is pretty amazing. Good food, lots of different Russian specialties and the specials were good.

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      Wow, what great suggestions. Hadn't thought of Moscow on the Hill and we've never been there. Maybe Moscow one night (with a cab ride to/from Woodbury) and Joan's on the second night. Just checked out their menu and it looks wonderful.

      Thanks to all who suggested something. Will file away others for future "dates" with my better half. Fuji Ya sounds great; we've always gone to Sakura.

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        I've become progressively more and more pleased with MOTH over the past year. I think they've really stepped up their kitchen, the drinks are excellent, and the environment both relaxing or invigorating, so it works whatever mood we're in. I've especially enjoyed the big shared appetizers platter, which varies from week to week. One week it included a little crock of a savory bean and tomato stew, topped with a perfectly cooked quail's egg, that was one of the best things I've eaten this year. They make a very good Moscow Mule, although due to theft it's no longer served in the traditional copper cup, alas. I would recommend their vodka flights, borscht, the marinated red cabbage and the beet salad, pickled vegetables, cheboureki, pate or russian herring appetizers, the Siberian pelmeni and the vareniki, and duck breast ekaterina. I've friends who love their wild rice cabbage rolls and beef stroganoff too, although I can't speak to them myself. The poached pear salad is a nice, light alternative too, with pears that are crisp and spicy.

      2. I love W. A. Frost, too, and it's extremely romantic. Others on this board aren't huge fans, but I've always had a lovely time, and it's perfect for an anniversary dinner, in my book.

        1. Mancini's has its charms, but it is not fine dining.

          1. I like mancini's but it is not in the anniversary week category, go some other time, autumn recommended Moscow on the hill, while I think meritage and heartland have better food... if you take a cab and like to get tipsy Moscow on the hill is a classic.

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              Or figure out who will be sober cabbie to get you home before you walk in the door.

              Take the cab:)

            2. Fuji Ya in downtown has much better than would be expected sushi in the midwest. A 10 seat sushi bar to, and they are a nice lunch spot. Not fine dining but cozy. Maybe not anniversary worthy, but a good date night

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                I personally prefer Sakura for Sushi in Downtown St. Paul.

                1. re: gryffindor249

                  They both are pretty good. I couldn't remember the name for Sakura when I was posting last night.