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Nov 18, 2013 03:19 PM

I've Been Good All Year, Now It's Time To Splurge

I have been faithful to my workout routine, eating habits and overall good health. Beginning next week and till the end of the year, I'm not going to hesitate to indulge in some serious quality eats and I'm not going to count calories.

Baklava, rich dark chocolate eclairs with a super creamy vanilla filling, cannoli's with fresh ricotta filling, great dry cured meats, imported cheeses, fine wines and craft beers.

OK you get it, now how about you? Ready to indulge a bit? What are your favorite treats you look forward to as we enter a great chowing season.

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  1. Pickled herring on saltines; Cajun-spiced cashews; whole mixed nuts; cheesy dips and spreads; shrimp in all its iterations.

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    1. Ummmm...I've already started! Making chicken liver pate, searing some foie gras, cooking up some bacon marmalade, did a batch of marinated feta and doing some serious baking. How could I forget cracklings???!!

      ETA: Making Eton Mess tomorrow...

      1. Having refrained from refraining all year I don't feel as eager to go gangbusters, but my holidays will certainly include: (a) latkes with pastrami, hollandaise, poached eggs for hannukah, (b) cornbread stuffing, lots of dark meat turkey for American thanksgiving, (c) lots of Ameircna beers and California wines for life generally, and (d) Chinese food for Christmas (small-town American chinese food to be exact -- big portions of good quality chicken sweet and sour, beef dry crispy, and other shit I'll probably order in a simlarly weird word order).

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            I wish I had a friend that was close enough to make me some latkes

          2. 'Tis the season for game!!
            Boudin Noir, Seared Venison loin, Jellied Elk Tongue, Roasted Wild Boar......etc. Oh! and to begin with, at least a dozen of 'flats' oysters...French Belon 0000, Irish Galway, British Colchester....

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              Wow, boudin, love it, your post is making me hungry for meat!

            2. Baskin Robbins pumpkin pie ice cream
              almond Roca