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I've Been Good All Year, Now It's Time To Splurge

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I have been faithful to my workout routine, eating habits and overall good health. Beginning next week and till the end of the year, I'm not going to hesitate to indulge in some serious quality eats and I'm not going to count calories.

Baklava, rich dark chocolate eclairs with a super creamy vanilla filling, cannoli's with fresh ricotta filling, great dry cured meats, imported cheeses, fine wines and craft beers.

OK you get it, now how about you? Ready to indulge a bit? What are your favorite treats you look forward to as we enter a great chowing season.

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  1. Pickled herring on saltines; Cajun-spiced cashews; whole mixed nuts; cheesy dips and spreads; shrimp in all its iterations.

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    1. Ummmm...I've already started! Making chicken liver pate, searing some foie gras, cooking up some bacon marmalade, did a batch of marinated feta and doing some serious baking. How could I forget cracklings???!!

      ETA: Making Eton Mess tomorrow...

      1. Having refrained from refraining all year I don't feel as eager to go gangbusters, but my holidays will certainly include: (a) latkes with pastrami, hollandaise, poached eggs for hannukah, (b) cornbread stuffing, lots of dark meat turkey for American thanksgiving, (c) lots of Ameircna beers and California wines for life generally, and (d) Chinese food for Christmas (small-town American chinese food to be exact -- big portions of good quality chicken sweet and sour, beef dry crispy, and other shit I'll probably order in a simlarly weird word order).

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          1. re: brokentelephone

            I wish I had a friend that was close enough to make me some latkes

          2. 'Tis the season for game!!
            Boudin Noir, Seared Venison loin, Jellied Elk Tongue, Roasted Wild Boar......etc. Oh! and to begin with, at least a dozen of 'flats' oysters...French Belon 0000, Irish Galway, British Colchester....

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              Wow, boudin, love it, your post is making me hungry for meat!

            2. Baskin Robbins pumpkin pie ice cream
              almond Roca

              1. I don't feel like starving myself for the entire month of January to work it off, so no. ;)
                I'd admire your idea, though. I practice healthy balance in my diet anyways, nothing has ever been off limits for me, I just try to balance the calorie-laden foods with the lighter foods. And I do count calories, but not at family gatherings or holiday parties. So at these functions, I'll be pigging out, as well.

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                1. re: SaraAshley

                  I keep up my exercise routine in an effort to at least break even but, yes for me it's game on for the family events etc.

                  1. re: treb

                    Oh yes, these aren't frequent enough for me to cut back at.

                  2. re: SaraAshley

                    This is my approach to the upcoming season. Though I would love to indulge daily, I think balance is key for me so that I'm not doing a full cold turkey diet on Jan 1st. That being said, Christmas day is a 'gift' to myself to eat and not count.

                    Homemade cinnamon rolls, brookies (cookie brownie like concoctions) made with Valrhona chocolate, freshly made croissants, cannoli, sashimi, macarons, bacon fat brussel sprouts, prime rib dinner, and a maple sugar shack pie perhaps? Maybe profiterole... we'll see who drops in on Christmas day!

                    1. re: Nevy

                      That all sounds delicious! Enjoy!

                      1. re: Nevy

                        With al those luscious aromas eminating from your house, the whole neighborhood will be knocking.

                    2. I indulge with another glass of champagne, hot spiced wine, and when i visit my family mom's fudge and fresh gingerbread (she makes it in a cake pan, so more cake-y than bread)
                      I won't have a traditional thanksgiving this year, so i plan on enjoying myself on the holiday party circuit :)
                      (I will of course keep up my gym routine and healthy eating aside from the parties)

                      1. I selectively indulge. I go for high quality ingredients and foods that aren't readily available during the rest of the year. For example I tend to skip boxed chocolates, commercially made cookies and hors d'oeuvres and nuts.

                        I don't work out so I do watch what I'm eating.

                        I'm looking forward to prime rib on Christmas because we don't make it for only two of us, oven browned potatoes (browned in chicken fat) and almond short bread. Oh, and any kind of seafood.

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                        1. re: salsailsa

                          Oh yes I agree, if I'm going to jam calories in my pie hole, it's got to be high quality and almost always home made.

                          1. re: treb

                            Ditto. My rule about sweets is that if I or someone I know to be a great cook didn't make it, it's NOT going in my piehole.

                        2. Congrat's Treb!
                          Did you have a life changing event?

                          Keep up the workout routine, eat clean good food but it is always good to indulge and reward yourself.

                          Try not to do with junk..and always party like its 1999.

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                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            Life changing event, yah I'm getting older and wiser, never too late to teach and old dog well... No drum roll?

                            So what are you going to indulge on.

                            1. re: treb

                              Just don't go and have a mid life crisis on me..
                              The 911S, the younger chicks, nugget gold jewelry and the bad polyester leisure suit with the contrasting stitching.

                              I'll drum you any song you like..name it!

                              1. re: Beach Chick

                                Wipe Out, used to enjoy a drummer friend of mine hammering that out on the horn ring of his car. You know, way back even before polyester!

                              2. re: treb

                                My indulgences are staying in 5* resorts around the globe, eating and drinking fab wine and champagne, imported cheeses, olives, quality fruit, Ahi/King Crab/Kumamoto oysters/Alaskan Halibut/Scallops/Clams and Mussels.
                                Enjoying the local food too.

                                But there is no greater joy than giving back to the less fortunate and to always do good, every day to others in your life.

                                I am very blessed.

                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                  Like the giving back, just prepared food for the homeless last week. It's a great way to get in to the holiday spirit. You have a good heart BC

                                  1. re: treb

                                    I agree! I always lean out the pantry and donate around this time and we volunteer at the local church the night before. It's always great fun and a nice way to be involved. For years I've been trying to help with the city's big Thanksgiving day lunch but they always have too many volunteers...which I guess is a good thing :)

                                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                                      Wonderful that you volunteer at your church.
                                      So many need help.

                                      What I like to do and have been doing this for years, is buying a bunch of $25 Target cards along with $25 local grocery store gift cards and I cruise around looking for people that I can help out and mostly its in the military housing...kind of stalkerish but in a good way.

                                      They are such wonderful kids and to see the look on their face when I give them, out of the blue $50 for food and toy money for them for Xmas is priceless!

                                      You could tell they had no $$ left for a good dinner and presents for the kids.
                                      Joy Joy Joy

                                      1. re: Beach Chick

                                        I was shocked that one of the most appreciated donations from last year was my pile of literally probably hundreds of paper grocery bags. The Salvation Army and food pantries desperately need them and they really make holidays easier for them to distribute. Helped me remember that every little bit matters

                                      2. re: fldhkybnva

                                        Man, am I ever blessed, too. I have so much and it is true that it feels far more satisfying and gratifying to give back. A new soup kitchen in our town just opened its doors and my job will be cooking and serving. It will be an honour and privilege.

                                      3. re: treb

                                        Thank you treb for your kind words. .

                                        Wish you lived closer...we could go out and make the holidays better for others less fortunate.

                                      4. re: Beach Chick

                                        OMG..Yikes and Holy Crap!!
                                        I must of accidentally erased my comment on yesterdays post on finding cheap 5* places for $100 or less..food deals too.
                                        After re-reading it, sound like a tool..
                                        ; )

                                        Those are my indulgences..travel and eating well for not a lot of $$.

                                        Good for you on preparing food for the homeless..that is wonderful treb!

                                    2. re: Beach Chick

                                      Yea even when I indulge I never "waste calories" on junk...hmm, don't even like pie, lets skip it for something else tasty :)

                                    3. Well, considering that I just got a terrific lipid result--thank you, thank you--and that this report coincides with the holidays, I may just have to treat myself to a blowout or five. Said blowouts will feature lots of cheese--old fashioned cheese spreads, cheese logs, and fried cheese balls, as well as a wheel of baby Swiss and perhaps some Havarti, Roquefort and smoked gouda.

                                      Chips. I've abstained completely from chips over the past three-plus months and am aching to dive back in, if only temporarily. So I may treat myself to all manner of exotic pertata chips, as well as some basic Ruffles or kettle-cooked with tub upon tub of good ol' French onion dip.

                                      Sweets may also make a return to my diet. I've never had a truly mad sweet tooth, but I do like the occasional indulgence. This means exotic chocolate bars, perhaps a box of Godiva, cheesecake and pecan pie could be on my gustatory horizon.

                                      Bring it on, bring it on!

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                                      1. re: Perilagu Khan

                                        Congrats, you've earned this at a perfect time of the year.

                                        1. re: Perilagu Khan

                                          Don't forget the chips and queso. I understand your cheese addiction. I rarely eat it but when I do I go all out. But I won't eat meat on that day. Probably doesn't matter but...

                                          1. Sort of, I load up on the foods I don't eat much throughout the rest of the year which are the few carby delights that I love - macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, tons of rolls. Then again I load up on turkey in my usual protein loving ways. I do relax a bit and don't really pay too much attention to my intake, I feel as long as I'm not stuffing myself it's reasonable holiday enjoyment. I keep up my usual workouts and spring back to my usual habits immediately after.

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                                            1. re: fldhkybnva

                                              I also like the more carby things like stuffing/dressing, forget mashed pots, I can get those anytime. Give me the desserts, libations, imported cured meats and cheeses and I'm happy happy!

                                              1. re: treb

                                                We can hang together as long as we share! I don't even need desserts just hand over the rest with salami and cheese on top.

                                            2. Similarly does anyone diet before the holidays? Back in my college youth I'd diet for a a week or two but now I think I've accepted that that brief period probably makes no difference and is useless if you get back to regular habits.