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Hors d'oeuvres

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A Christmas party hostess has asked each one to bring a "heavy" hors d'oeuvre. I need suggestions for something that can be transported across town and does not need to be heated in her oven.
I've been through several sites and nothing strikes me.

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  1. Walnut and Blue Cheese grapes are good. Use a combination of green and purple grapes. Make ahead and chill before serving. If you don't like walnuts use pecans.

        1. Do you have a crockpot, and would you feel comfortable driving across town with it full of something? If so, I'd go with Swedish meatballs or some other meatball in sauce - always a hit, and definitely "heavy." If not, maybe a filled puff pastry of some type, that can be served room temp? Spanakopita?

            1. Halve dried figs, stuff with herbed cheese like Boursin, and press a walnut half into the cheese. Looks like a walnut in its shell.

              For something hot, there's that spinach-cheese dip thing in a hollowed-out pumpernickel boule, with the torn-out chunks of bread that you dip into the cheese until the level drops enough to start tearing up the boule. It's not pretty, but it's irresistible. I think the basic version is a Knorr soup mix thing but personally, I'd make my own. Baked and then wrapped in foil surrounded by toweling, it'll stay warm enough.

              1. Barefoot Contessa's Onion Dip. I add paprika and smoked paprika to the caramelizing onions.
                Simply amazing.


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                  Have you ever made this a day or two in advance and, if so, was it still wonderful?!

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                    Yes, better the next day. Good flavor melding.

                2. Barbeque Bacon Spread

                  Spread platter w/softened cream cheese
                  Top w/BBQ sauce
                  Sprinkle over crumbled cooked bacon, chopped green onions, and grated cheddar cheese

                  serve with dippers of choice

                  1. Love the spanakopita idea. Another favorite is a wheel of brie baked with cranberry chutney piled on top; it's festive and yummy and it'll be perfect temp when you arrive.

                    Also paninis cut into small sections are good.

                    1. If budget is not an issue, grab a beef tenderloin, roast it off to med rare, slice really thin, arrange on a platter of arugula , with some French bread and horseradish dip on the side,

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                        That sounds yummy! I would love to be in attendance at a party that someone brought this to.

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                          If you want to do something like this and budget is an issue, you can do an eye-of-round and slice really thin. Season a 3-4 lb eye-of-round with salt and pepper. Put it in one of those Reynolds roasting bags and pour a cup of good red wine over it. Tie it up and let it sit overnight. Next day, cut a few slits in the bag and put it in a roasting pan. Throw it in a 325 oven for 45 min or so (until temp is 140). Cool and slice very thin.

                        2. You can never go wrong with the classic (baked) spinach balls with mustard sauce. Perfect at room temperature, and can be made ahead. Easy, cheap, delicious, can be made ahead, transport no problem - what more can you ask from an hors d'oeuvres? Honestly, people go nuts for these things. (PS if you are in a hurry just buy a good quality, prepared honey-mustard sauce)

                          Here's a version from Food52:


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                            I was just going to suggest that, and here you've posted my recipe! Thanks. :)

                            another easy and easy to tote appy is a big mug full of Gorgonzola/Walnnut spread.

                          2. Caramelized leek & gruyere tart
                            Stuffed grape leaves
                            Smoked salmon platter
                            Mini samosas

                            1. Buy the frozen mini puff pastry shells, fill with an eggy cheese and veg mix and bake

                              Or an upscale pigs in a blanket- use an interesting sausage (spicy, or chorizo, or chicken feta whatever) and make a mustard dip to serve with. Always always a hit at parties

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                                  Marinated mushrooms. Stuffed mushrooms need to be HOT.

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                                    Not necessarily but I like the marinated mushroom idea

                                2. We had a friend that made little toasts and topped them with prepared horseradish and roast beef. Them and the wasabi-mayo-tuna sashimi ones were the first to go!

                                  1. Ana Sortun's whipped feta and David Lebovitz's artichoke-green olive tapenade. Made both for Thanksgiving, and they were loved. Recipes online.

                                    1. Savory palmiers. They're best warm, but perfectly delicious at room temp. Don't know what you mean by transporting across town. Subway, bus, car? In December, packing them for the trip would be a concern to help them arrive at least at room temp.

                                      Lots of recipes on-line -- sun dried tomato, spinach and cheese, prosciutto and cheese, basil pesto and cheese. Make some red ones and some green ones as a nod to the holiday colors.