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Nov 18, 2013 01:33 PM

Lunch in Red Wing [Minnesota]

Will soon be in Red Wing for lunch. Any recommendations?

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  1. The only place I've eaten lunch in Red Wing was the St. James Hotel and it has been satisfying. I've probably done so over a half dozen times over 40 years. My last meal there was strangely this Kentucky Hot Brown very unusual for Minnesota and I thought it was pretty good.

    1. Not sure if I'm too late. Don't have a lot of advice as my experience there is mostly limited to one weekend exploring the town with a raging hangover.

      Locals will probably send you to the Liberty Restaurant and Lounge. It's adequate, but mixed reviews I guess - typical neighborhood restaurant, nothing special. I was there at brunch time and they had a buffet that I wasn't too thrilled with and didn't partake (very carb heavy and I don't eat gluten). But the omelet and hashbrowns I ordered were reasonably good, the two ladies next to me seemed to enjoy their burgers, and the waitstaff were very attentive with refilling my beverages and accommodating the two ladies with their special requests. Can't say that I whole-heartedly recommend it, but if you get stuck for where to go, it was adequate. Particularly if you're hungover, seeking hashbrowns, and looking for someone to refill your water glass often to get hydrated.

      Where I should have eaten (and only stopped to pick up a treat for a friend) was Hanisch Bakery. They were voted best bakery in MN by...someone and they have a coffee shop with what looked like a limited, but tasty menu (soup, sandwiches, panini, and a hot dish of the day!).

      Also, for future reference (because I was just on their website and their bistro closed for the season on 11/17), but Falconer Vineyards has a small bistro with a variety of about 10 small wood-fired pizzas. Lots of people seemed to be enjoying them when I was there for a wine-tasting. If you are ever passing through there during the other three seasons, I was pleasantly surprised by my visit there (I wouldn't have guessed there would be a vineyard behind the Walmart!)