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Nov 18, 2013 01:31 PM

White tablecloth restaurants

Is it just me or I am behind the times? What's happened to white tablecloths? Not even the Mansion on Turtle Creek has them anymore.

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    1. Twin, I follow your posts, and respect your opinion, but Le Bilboquet??? give me a break. Butcher paper on white tablecloth does not count. For the prices they charge, they should be ashamed. I am wondering if consumers just don't care anymore.

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      1. re: fiore1

        Point well made and taken. But, they sure are packed every time I drive by in the evening.

        I wonder how long that'll last?

        For my money, I'd much prefer to eat well at Nonna, FT33, or Belly & Trumpet. To name just a few.

      2. Bijoux has them I believe. But I really don't care ... what matters to me is the food, the ambience, and the service. A white cloth is certainly no consolation to me if the food is bad. ("Food sucked ... waiter was in a foul mood ... paid through the nose ... but the tablecloth sure was white!!!")

        I don't mean to imply the food isn't good at Bijoux. I've had fabulous food there ... and then I've been during RW.

        I would imagine the French Room has them as well? I don't have a clear memory ... hotel restaurants are often so sterile, IMO.