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Nov 18, 2013 11:40 AM

Yuzu Ramen in Tokyo / Tofu in Kyoto [split from LA]

Where do you recommend I find "yuzu ramen" in tokyo, tofu in kyoto? Are these very formal (reservation only, dress)/expensive places?

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    1. yuzu ramen at afuri in tokyo near harujuku
      very cheap. you buy a ticket from the machine on the wall and hand it to the guy. if you don't speak japanese get someone to help you.

      tofu in kyoto, you can't go wrong, from a high end kaiseki like kikunoi or kichisen (both reserve way out) to the nishiki street market. also love the casual (and not tofu but soba) place by the bridge at arashimaya near kyoto - i think it's called yoshimura.