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Nov 18, 2013 01:13 PM

Prix Fixe lunch 12/31/13

For the past few years my group of four has started our new years celebrating with a somewhat high end, yet reasonably priced, prix fixe lunch at places including Tocqueville, Nougatine and Perry Street. All of which were fine. Nevertheless, can anyone offer some other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Jean-Georges
    Del Posto
    Cafe Boulud

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    1. re: Scott_C

      +1 for Lincoln and Marea. Let me also add Juni to this list.

    2. I see that 12/31 is a Tuesday, so you'll have tons of options.

      Much will depend upon your budget. You enjoyed Tocqueville, Nougatine and Perry Street (all $25-30pp) which means you want to stay under $30, is that correct?

      If so, I would look at Riverpark, Aldea, Manzo, Seasonal, and Boulud Sud.

      Lunch prix fixe options:

      Jean Georges - two plates for $38, each additional plate $19, served daily.

      Del Posto - $39 three course lunch with choice of Antipasto, Primo OR Secondo, and Dolce, "Enjoy a taste of pasta for the table at $10 per guest," weekdays only.

      Le Bernardin - 3 course City Harvest menu for $45 per person with $5 donated to City Harvest, only in the lounge, only 2 choices per course, weekdays only.

      The Modern - Dining Room - 2 courses and dessert for $62, 3 courses and dessert for $76, extra course $18, weekdays only.

      Bouley - $55 five course tasting, Monday through Saturday.

      La Grenouille - 2 courses for $52, 3 courses for $67. Tuesday through Saturday.

      Marea - 2 courses for $45, daily.

      Maialino - $35 for 2 courses with biscotti for dessert, weekdays only, they also have a Sunday pasta tasting for $55.

      Babbo - $49 for a four course tasting, only Tuesday through Saturday.

      Manzo - 3 courses for $29, weekdays only.

      Aldea - 3 courses for $25, weekdays only.

      Tocqueville - $29 for 3 courses, Monday through Saturday.

      Gotham Bar and Grill - $34 Greenmarket lunch, three courses, weekdays only.

      Seasonal - 3 courses for $29, Monday through Saturday.

      Aquavit - 3 courses for $42, weekdays only.

      Riverpark - 2 courses for $25, 3 courses for $32, weekdays only.

      Cafe Boulud - 2 courses for $37, 3 courses for $43, Monday through Saturday; Sundays they serve brunch, which is 2 courses for $39, 3 courses with dessert for $49.

      Ai Fiori - 2 courses for $42, additional course $18, weekdays

      Lincoln - 2 courses for $36, Wednesdays through Sundays

      Boulud Sud - 3 courses for $29, weekdays; 3 courses for $32, weekends

      For less fancy options:

      ABC Kitchen - 3 courses for $32, weekdays

      Momofuku Ssam Bar - 3 courses, weekend lunch only. I think it's still around $25 or so.

      Kin Shop - 2 courses for $17, weekdays.

      1. Thank you to everyone who replied to my initial posting. Originally we had lunch reservations at Bouley, hoping to take advantage of their $55.00 Prix Fixe. However, I was somewhat taken back when I was contacted by this restaurant to confirm the reservation when I was told that because this was pre- new years, the price was raised to $125.00 per person. This was not what I had in mind. We wound up at Del Posto and really enjoyed their Prix fixe at $39.00. We ordered the extra course of pasta at an additional $10.00 per person and a reasonably priced bottle of wine. Everything, including service was first rate. A bonus was having a nice after lunch indoor stroll through Chelsea Market.

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        1. re: pigbob

          I highly recommend Lincoln. Really good cocktail and food was amazing especially for price. I thought they had the best food compare to other high end restaurants that offer lunch specials.