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Nov 18, 2013 11:59 AM


Didn't see a post on the relatively new grilled cheese shop in Park Slope on 9th Street in the old Almondine space. An import from Philly, Meltkraft was quite busy from the beginning. After passing by on a few weekends in the first few weeks, they were already sold out of many of their grilled cheese sandwiches by 1:00P. One Sunday I dropped by at 11A (when they start serving sandwiches) and ordered the Valley Thunder (cheddar, brisket and mac n cheese) and Melter Skelter (raclette, pickled green tomatoes, jalapeno, watercress). Both were very good and super rich. I think I may have preferred the Melter Skelter as the tart veggies and pepper watercress cut through the fattiness. I also ordered the tomato soup which was on the tart side -- also helpful in cutting the richness of the sandwiches.

In addition to the sandwiches, they also serve pastries from Balthazar Bakery, coffee, tea. It also functions as a bit of a grocery store where they also carry drinks, pastured eggs, charcuterie, cheese, cookies, etc. But the one item I was blown away by was their brownies. They look pretty unassuming with no label and wrapped in cellophane -- kind of like what you'd see at a bake sale. I don't think they're baked in-house as the guy at the front desk told me where they were from (just don't remember where). But they were one of the best brownies I have had -- dark chocolate, not too sweet, moist and with the right amount of chew (I prefer chewy brownies over cakey or fudgey ones).

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  1. so annoying they way they use "kraft" - which does not at all mean the same in German as "craft" - you'd think these store owners - and I include Bierkraft as well as Meltkraft -would do a little research before naming.

    could this trend be the next "'n things" or "xxx-works"?

    Rant over, Ill wander down and check it out, definitely thanks for mentioning this place.

    1. Thank you for the report. We've been thinking about trying Meltkraft, just haven't gotten there yet. (We're too busy buying their cheese in the Valley Shepherd store further north on 7th Avenue. They have some of the best cheeses we've tasted.)

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        interesting! what cheeses do you recommend at Valley Shepherd?

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          The first cheeses we always ask about (and ask for a taste) are their goat cheeses. They usually have more than one, and both my wife and I think they are terrific, among the best goat cheeses we've had.

          They also usually have a fairly large selection of other cheeses, so we generally ask for something firm (like a cheddar), something creamy (like a Brie or a Camembert), and maybe something semi-soft, like a sheep's milk cheese. They'll give you a taste for the asking, and it's worth indulging.

          The thing is, they seem to have different cheeses almost every time we go there (which is maybe every couple of weeks). We like their cheeses fresh (i.e., not refrigerated), with bread and/or crackers (both of which you can buy in their store). Then, after we've gone through a lot of what we bought (over several days), we grate what's left and put it on a slice or two of Bread Alone organic peasant bread and stick it in our little toaster oven. I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to describe how really good those toasted cheese bread slices are.

          Give them a try, see what you think. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

      2. I had the Somerset with ham and cornichons and it did not disappoint. I also really liked the chips they served with it (some type of dill flavoring). Definitely want to go back and try different ones. Oh- and they also have an amazing beer selection with the option of sampling them in flights.

        1. I know, jen kalb, I agree that the name does not do the place justice. "Kraft" brings to mind the worst cheese in the world.

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            ha, hadnt even thought of that angle - do you think it might have been in the creator's unconscious - or heaven forbid an ironic reference?

            1. re: jen kalb

              I would hope that if the Valley Shepherd / MeltKraft folks read the Board they'd supply an explanation.

              Otherwise, it's up to us "hunds" to get the answer. Let's see who's gonna dash over to 9th Street to fetch it.

          2. I see I was making snarky comment originally about this place but I am addicted to their Melter-Skelter sandwich, so addicted I havent explored furthe in the menu. This is a VERY GOOD grilled cheese indeed with their dlicious raclette style cheese, pickled green tomatoes,jalapenos and greens (varying from time to time) as well as crunch of potato chips. I usually take out but they have quite an assortment of craft beers and other items in additions to the great sandwiches that could make eating in very attractive. Balthazar bread and some pastries as noted..