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Nov 18, 2013 10:49 AM

What are your favorite dining along spots in New Orleans

It's been a while since we've addressed this topic on the NOLA board. I once had a fabulous dinner alone at Brigtsen's, but acknowledge it isn't your classic dining-alone restaurant. At the opposite end of the dining spectrum, I used to love eating at the bar at Coop's, but don't go back often now that it's entirely overrun with tourists, and have replaced it in my repertoire with Bacchanal. (No offense to tourtists, but it's just not the same as it used to be.)

What are some of your favorite dining-alone restaurants in NOLA?

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  1. Always been partial to Mr. Bs and Parkway for that.

    1. I mentioned in another thread that I've had good experiences dining solo at the bar in Domenica.

      1. Recently dined alone for Tuesday lunch at Galatoire's, did not feel uncomfortable in any way.
        Mr B's at the bar is a great choice.
        Sylvain was another recommended to me, but didn't get there.

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          Are alone at the bar at Sylvain last night and loved it!

        2. Best dining alone options for me include the bars at Coquette, La Petite Grocery, Marti's, and Herbsaint. Also, for lower end, there is Acme Oyster, Camelia Grill, and Butcher.

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            Thanks for the recs. I followed up my great dinner alone at the bar at Sylvain with a very good dinner alone at the bar at Cane & Table.

            BTW, has the food gone seriously downhill at Cooter Brown's or was it never good? I used to (20ish years ago) love the food there (even though it was never more than bar food), but recent visits have been decidedly not good.