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Looking for black treacle and Lyle's Golden Syrup in southern/western anywhere in CT

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I know I've seen these in my travels and thinking I've seen Lyle's golden at either Stop and Shop,ShopRite and Fairway but have you all seen these around. I'm looking at making a gooey gingerbread and found a recipe that requires these 2 ingredients. I'm not sure about the black treacle. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I'm in Mass., but our Stop & Shops generally carry Lyle's golden. Haven't seen black treacle, though.

    1. My mom is addicted to the stuff..I buy it online for her..same price but the shipping cost...she puts the golden syrup in her coffee. What do you do with the Treacle?

      1. I saw Lyle's golden syrup at the Orange Ocean state job lot today.

        1. Food Bazzar in Bridgeport opposite Home Depot, exit on Rt 25 connector

          1. In Rhode Island, Whole Foods, Shaws, Stop and Shop, and the independent, Dave's, all carry Lyle's Golden Syrup.

            1. Isn't treacle just black strap molasses? I ask because I'm also planning to make a giant gingerbread man cake for our office lunch and also saw treacle as an ingredient and had to look it up. I also had to look up black strap molasses, lol.

              1. My Stop and Shop in CT carries it

                1. As others have said, Stop and Shop does carry it. It is usually in that very small English/Irish section in the "ethnic" aisle.

                  1. I forgot about UK Gourmet in Newtown. Now I just need to find stem ginger. Thanks