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Nov 18, 2013 10:46 AM

Cornmeal in Red Velvet? [moved from Boston board]

I'm just wondering if anyone know the story behind using cornmeal in red velvet cake recipes. I have been to two different places (Cupcake Charlie's in the Cape and Sweet in Worcester) that served red velvet cupcakes that tasted like a red corn muffin with cream cheese frosting.

I've never seen a red velvet cake recipe that uses cornmeal, but now that I've encountered it at two different, unrelated bakeries, I'm wondering if it's "a thing." Maybe it's native to a particular state or city or has some historical story behind it?

I didn't like it (if I wanted a corn muffin, I'd order a corn muffin, not a cupcake), but I am interested to know if there's any significance behind it or if it was just a weird coincidence.


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  1. ...huh. Ran into this comment after searching--I got red velvet cornmeal muffins out of an Albertson's in Missoula, Montana, just now.

    1. I've had a fair amount of red velvet cake and cupcakes, but never heard of cornmeal as an ingredient.

      1. Never hoid of such a ting!

        1. That's odd. Never heard of that.